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Newest Cryptocurrencies To Buy In 2022

Author: Jeffrey Craig Date: 2022-10-19 07:26:55

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2020 and 2021 were two great years for cryptocurrencies, new crypto projects, and the development of the industry in general. By January 2020, the crypto market cap was at $200 billion, but by the end of 2021, it stood at $2 trillion. Therefore, the industry added approximately $1.8 trillion in value, trading, investment, development, and crypto-economic activity.

New Cryptocurrencies In 2022

In addition, the bull market resulted in the release of thousands of new coins – and excluding some shitcoins, many cryptocurrencies experienced tremendous growth. However, in 2022 the situation is different. There’s less interest in crypto, dropping sentiment, more criticism, and increasing regulatory pressure. Therefore, not every coin is going to the moon.

The bull market is over and the international financial markets have been in the bear market territory for at least the past eight months. Nonetheless, despite the bear market, life must continue and the economy doesn’t just stop when the hype dies.

In fact, now is the best time for developers, projects, and businesses to work on their crypto-related products and services (BUIDL) – and for new projects to launch their own coins to the market to gain investors.

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What Are The Newest Cryptocurrencies In 2022? New Cryptos To Watch

Because of the huge number of cryptocurrencies that get created every day, it’s impossible to list them all. However, for simplicity, we’ve gathered 15 new cryptocurrencies that were released in 2022 that relate to different segments such as DeFi, GameFi, Web3, NFTs, dog coins, blockchain, and the metaverse.

Check this list below and click on a project to read more about its cryptocurrency and performance:

15 New Cryptocurrencies in 2022
4Stargate FinanceDeFi
Web3 & GameFi
Web3 & GameFi
Web3 & GameFi
Web3 & GameFi
Web3 & GameFi
10Threshold Network
Web3 & GameFi
12Physical Backed TokenNFT
13VoltInuDog Coins

New Cryptocurrency in DeFi

1 Tokenbot

TokenBot is a Web3 algorithmic trading network and platform that allows users to copy the trades of expert traders and investors. What’s great about TokenBot, in particular, is its algorithmic and copy trading services that allow investors to implement different strategies by copying those performed by expert traders. This allows regular traders to try passive trading and investing, as well as gives novice traders a way to invest with the “big players.”

TokenBot Homepage

TKB is trading at a price of $0.00052 – thus providing traders with a low-cost coin to invest in.

TokenBot Price Performance In 2022

2 XEN Crypto

XEN Crypto is an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s based on the first principles of crypto like decentralization, self-custody, transparency, and trust through consensus. The XEN smart contract is immutable, it has no admin keys, and it’s open source.

XEN is a crypto token that’s similar to Bitcoin in that the owner practices self-custody and retails complete ownership over the token. XEN was released on October 8th, so it’s a brand new crypto token. Thus, its full purpose and roadmap are still in the making.

XEN Crypto Homepage

XEN is trading at a price of $0.0000298 – thus providing traders with another low-cost coin to invest in.

XEN Price Performance In 2022

3 Vlaunch

VLaunch is the first of its kind multichain launchpad. Founded by two of the most prominent thought leaders in the blockchain space, VLaunch is focused on creating value for the project and for the community by actively engaging more than 80 of the top thought leaders in the industry and by not charging a listing cost. Simply stated, VLaunch is the first fully influencer-backed Launchpad to provide projects with massive global exposure to boost performance.

VLaunch Homepage

What’s great about VLaunch is its use of the Launchpad. For example, with the rise of recent trends like DeFi and NFTs, the industry has seen a significant rise in new projects looking to launch blockchain-powered products and services. So as part of their go-to-market strategies, many of these projects aim to launch their crypto projects on aggregators or launchpads.

Launchpads help the blockchain and crypto community to discover new projects in their early stages and help these projects build a community of support and funding through an IDO.

VPAD is trading at a price of $0.034200. VPAD is once again another low-cap and low-cost crypto token for traders to invest in.

VPAD Price Performance In 2022

4 Stargate Finance

Stargate Finance is a fully composable liquidity transport protocol that lives at the heart of Omnichain DeFi. On Stargate, users and DApps can transfer native assets cross-chain while accessing the protocol’s unified liquidity pools with instantly guaranteed finality. Stargate is an excellent DeFi platform that allows for decentralized trading, pools, staking, and farming – which can be said to be the Big4 features of DeFi.

STG is trading at a price of $0.44998. STG is an inexpensive low-cost DeFi token with a solid upside to investing in.

STG Price Performance In 2022

New Cryptocurrency in Web3 & GameFi

5 StepWatch

StepWatch is a Web3 fitness and health tracking mobile application that incorporates NFT Move-To-Earn and social networking elements. It’s a place where users can get rewards through walking, jogging, and going to the gym. Users need a free Watch or purchase an NFT watch in order to play on the StepWatch platform. On StepWatch, by simply walking, running, and physical training, users can obtain cryptocurrency and other NFTs. Moreover, players can earn in-game items, do activities, and trade digital assets on the platform.

StepWatch Homepage

What’s great about StepWatch is its revolution of the X-to-Earn Web3 business model, in particular, by using cryptocurrencies and digital assets to incentivize physical activity.

SWP is trading at a price of $0.008600. For those looking for Web3 Move-to-Earn coins, StepWatch can be a good low-cost token to invest in when the next leg up in the Web3 space happens.

SWP Price Performance In 2022

6 StepN

StepN is another Move-to-Earn Web3 lifestyle app that rewards users for movement. In particular, users can purchase NFT sneakers and earn cryptocurrency by walking, jogging, and running outdoors. StepN is another great choice for those interested in actual Web3 and crypto use cases that can be applied in the real world and that are fun for people to use.

StepN Homepage

GMT is trading at a price of $0.56761. GMT is StepN’s governance token and is an inexpensive low-cost Web3 token with tremendous potential.

GMT Price Performance In 2022

7 Revoland

Revoland is a blockchain-based multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game designed to combine players’ individual techniques and teamwork to challenge themselves in multiple game modes. Different from the current chain games on the market, Revoland is a product that truly integrates all the advantages of traditional mobile games, with a high degree of completion and entertainment, creating a real ‘social gaming experience’ and profit model.

Revoland Homepage

Revoland is an exciting GameFi game that incorporates NFTs, tokenomics, and ways for players to earn by applying their gaming skills.

REVO is trading at a price of $0.33784. Therefore, it’s a cheap GameFi coin for GameFi enthusiasts to invest in.

REVO Price Performance In 2022

8 WeWay

WeWay is a Web3 community-driven ecosystem for learning, earning, and playing with cryptocurrencies. WeWay’s mission is to enable mass blockchain and crypto adoption through the assistance of influencers, stars, and KOLs. WeWay’s products include an Academy, which is a Learn-to-Earn product, WePad, which is an IDO launchpad, and SocialFi games. Therefore, WeWay’s offerings lean more towards making cryptos and blockchain fun and interactive – and hence, play a significant role in pushing adoption forward.

WWY is trading at a price of $0.011885. Therefore, it’s a cheap SocialFi coin for Web3 and blockchain enthusiasts to invest in.

WWY Price Performance In 2022

9 Multichain

Multichain is the ultimate Router for Web3. It’s an infrastructure developed for arbitrary cross-chain interactions.

Multichain Homepage

For example, each blockchain has its own unique services that it provides, its own community, and its own development ecosystem. For the blockchain and crypto industry to reach the next level for consumers, a fast, secure, inexpensive, and reliable way to exchange value, and data and exercise control between the chains is needed.

In short, the solutions developed by Multichain allow almost all blockchains to inter-operate.

MULTI is trading at a price of $3.727. For those traders looking for a solution to the blockchain bridging and interoperability problem, Multichain can be a great low-cost option with potential upside.

MULTI Price Performance In 2022

10 Threshold Network

Threshold Network is the first ever on-chain merge between two existing networks and communities, Keep and NuCypher. Threshold provides a suite of threshold cryptography services that power user sovereignty on the blockchain.

T is trading at a price of $0.027551 – thus, another low-cost option for investing in two great networks – Keep and NuCypher.

T Price Performance In 2022

New Cryptocurrency in NFTs

11 ApeCoin

ApeCoin is an ERC-20 governance and utility token used within the APE ecosystem to empower a decentralized community building at the forefront of Web3. ApeCoin’s release hit the headlines as it was one of the first coins to be directly related to a popular NFT collection – Bored Ape Yacht Club. This signaled a move to combine cryptocurrencies into the NFT ecosystem. Thus, it’s a great investment choice for those people who’re enthusiastic and bullish about NFT adoption.

APE is trading at a price of $4.37. APE is an investment that has tremendous upside as the NFT ecosystem grows, in particular, BAYC.

APE Price Performance In 2022

12 Physical Backed Token

Physical Backed Token is an open-source token standard tying a physical item to a digital token on the Ethereum blockchain. It was released by Azuki NFTs, thus signaling another move by popular NFT projects to release their own cryptocurrency tokens. It was just announced on October 18th, 2022.

Dog Coins

13 VoltInu

Volt Inu is a hyper-deflationary token whose aim is to invest in multiple asset classes such as NFTs, nodes, altcoins, staking, and stablecoin farming. Volt Inu is another dog-related cryptocurrency token with a strong community.

VOLT is trading at a price of $0.0004809. It’s a dog coin that can hold a valuable position in your portfolio.

VOLT Price Performance In 2022

However, in 2022, multiple other dog coins such as Vita Inu, Dogechain, and Hoichi were released. These coins can also be valuable dog coins to have in one’s portfolio.

New Cryptocurrency in Blockchain Projects

14 RankerDAO

RankerDAO is a guild of gamers who are passionate about P2E. RANKER is a DAO that wants to enable the collective community of crypto adopters to gain access to the biggest trend of blockchain-based activities from various verticals. The DAO currently owns 1000+ gaming NFTs and has enabled the community to P2E in the biggest games in crypto. In the future, the DAO’s participants may vote on how they want to expand the portfolio, whether it be metaverses, sports NFTs, or works of art. The RANKER token can be used for various DAO activities, cross-guild tournaments, NFT requests, and DAO-exclusive NFT minting.

RANKER is trading at a price of $0.004947. It’s a low-cost coin for those interested in DAOs, blockchain, and gaming.

RANKER Price Performance In 2022

New Cryptocurrency in the Metaverse


SKYUP is a metaverse world that unfolds above the sky where many things happen that we have never experienced before. On SKYUP, players can use more convenient SWAP and REWARD compensation systems through your own DeFi Web, acquire limited NFTs through active liquidity, protect copyrights with your own profile protection service (profile with NFT unique code), and do currency trading in a transparent virtual reality world.

Skyup Homepage

SU is trading at a price of $0.11154. It’s a low-cost coin for those interested in the metaverse and seeing how NFTs and cryptos will be integrated into gaming metaverses.

SU Price Performance In 2022

What Is The Newest Cryptocurrency?

A few brand new cryptos that have been released this fall (September-October 2022) include Physical Backed Token (PBT) and a new project called Aptos. As mentioned briefly above, Physical Backed Token is a brand new token released by Azuki. This signifies that NFT projects are going to be more active in the crypto listing space. Therefore, investors should keep their eyes on the top NFT collections as well as marketplaces like OpenSea.

Secondly, a brand new project called Aptos has garnered significant attention on Twitter in recent days because of its speed of getting listed on many top exchanges. In fact, there was a lot of criticism because the listers were not doing due diligence into the project, in particular, Aptos’s lack of publicly clarifying its tokenomics.

Therefore, traders should keep in mind the speed at which a new token gets put on an exchange. If it happens so fast, without much oversight, then there’s a higher likelihood that retail will get dumped on. That’s why it’s always important to keep your eyes on an exchange’s Blog and Academy page for more in-depth information and analysis about a specific project/token listing.

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How To Find New Crypto Coins? Steps To Finding New Cryptos To Invest In

There are three primary ways to discover new crypto coins.

  1. First, through new listings on data aggregators like CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.
  2. Ssecond, by being active and attentive on Twitter (word of mouth).
  3. And third, from listings on top exchanges like Phemex.

The last is the most reliable and easiest to follow since the exchange will do the hard work of keeping its eyes on the best up-and-coming projects and tokens to list for trading.

Where To Buy New Cryptocurrency?

Therefore, for investors and traders looking for new coins to invest in or trade, Phemex is your best bet. Phemex will generally list a coin on the day of or immediately after a coin comes to the market.

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