Phemex Institution Client Program

Phemex's technology, liquidity, and global reach offers exclusive benefits to institutional clients from all over the world.

Institution Client Program

Institutional accounts that meet our trading volume requirements will receive significant discounts. The more you trade, the higher your VIP level and the better your discount.
Level 30-day Total Volume (in USD) Maker Taker
*1 bps = 0.01% **Balanced means maker volume >= 0.8 * taker volume
VIP levels are calculated automatically at 01:00:00 UTC every day. The new VIP level with its corresponding fee ratio is applied at 03:00:00 UTC every day. VIP levels are issued to primary and sub-accounts separately. A single user can have different levels across sub-accounts . VIP levels are based on rolling 30 -day trading volumes which include both maker and taker transactions.

Market Maker Program

Institutional accounts that are approved Phemex Market Makers will enjoy a variety of benefits as well.
Level Rate Limit Maker Taker
*1 bps = 0.01%
1. Higher rate limits per account based on tier levels. Up to 1000 requests/min.
2. Dedicated support team and group chat access.
3. Automatic placement in the VIP program with its corresponding trading fee discounts.
4. Additional periodic bonuses and discounts (announced separately).
1. Contract trading requirements apply to each trading account. Spot trading requirements apply to each UID.
2. Account must have minimal placement on each side of the order book for at least 70% of the time. Check the definitions of minimal placement for different symbols.
3. Both sides must have placement at the same time.
4. Must satisfy minimal market making volume requirements. Phemex evaluates this every 14 days.
5. Must satisfy minimal DMM score required for each tier. Phemex evaluates this every 14 days.
* Phemex takes snapshots of the order books every second.
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Note: You can also choose to apply by emailing or contacting your BD representative.