Welcome Bonus welcome-bonus

Get up to $100 in bonuses to open positions, pay trading fees, and cover losses. Any realized profits can be withdrawn.

For New Users

Deposit Bonus
1. Make a single deposit in BTC or ETH to receive this bonus
2. Finish Identity Verification.

Advanced Bonus

Single deposit requirements:
BTC ≥ 0.05 USDT ≥ 2000 ETH ≥ 1.5 LINK ≥ 80 XTZ ≥ 700 LTC ≥ 15
If your deposit meets the target requirement and you have accumulated a certain amount in contract transactions, you are eligible to receive this advanced deposit bonus.

Trading Bonus

A single spot order that is equal or greater than 500 USDT
A single BTCUSD-BTC Margin contract transaction that is equal or greater than 5,000USD

Learning Bonus

Learning Bonus
ZERO costs to earn cryptocurrency in a fun way by watching videos and completing quizzes.

Welcome Bonus Terms and Conditions

By participating in our Welcome Bonus promotion, you are hereby accepting all of our terms and conditions.
1. Welcome Bonuses can be used to open positions, to pay fees or to cover losses. Bonuses cover 50% of fees and losses prior to user's own capital. Bonuses cannot be withdrawn to wallets, or transferred between trading accounts.
2. Attempting to withdraw any funds from your trading accounts will cause any and all remaining bonus amounts to be removed immediately.
3. You are not allowed to register with multiple email addresses to receive multiple Welcome Bonuses. Your account will be banned if any cheating is detected by our system.
4. Deposits and transactions are only valid starting from 3:00 UTC June 22, 2020. Previous deposits and transactions will not be counted.
5. The New User Deposit Bonus and the Social Media Bonus are not eligible for users in the following regions/countries: India, Venezuela, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Philippines. Users from these regions can still qualify for other bonuses.
6. If your account is banned due to multiple-account checks, please contact online customer support or email support@phemex.zendesk.com. Phemex will refund your deposit.
Phemex reserves the right to modify this program's details at will.