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VLaunch (VPAD): What Is VLaunch? Is The VPAD Token Worth Buying?

2022-01-14 03:34:25

VLaunch is a launchpad platform backed by the world’s biggest crypto influencers. The VLaunch ecosystem aims to provide exposure to promising projects in crypto by offering incentives such as zero listing fees, multi-chain compatibility, lottery allocations, and influencer marketing.


VLaunch was backed venture capital firms and raised $3,000,000 for its IDO. VPAD launched on December 17th on Uniswap (UNI), and started trading on Phemex on December 22th.

VPAD has a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens, most of which will be vested over a 3-year period. At the time of writing, it is trading at $1.90 with a net circulating supply of 5.78%.

Top crypto influencers such as Bitboy (1.3M subscribers), MMCrypto (530,000 subscribers), IvanOnTech (500,000 subscribers), Lark Davis (470,000 subscribers), AltcoinBuzz (350,000 subscribers), CryptoMo (50,000 subscribers) ThatMartiniGuy (120,000 subscribers), and others are backing the project.


Phemex was the first exchange to list VPAD. VPAD trading is now live:

What is Vlaunch?

There are two core components in the VLaunch ecosystem: The VLaunch IDO platform and the VPAD token. The VPAD token is required for participation in all IDOs on the platform.

The VLaunch platform aims to tackle the fragmentation issue on different crypto chains by creating a singular platform for multi-chain IDOs. Projects on VLaunch will receive global exposure from the world’s top crypto influencers.

Multi-Chain Compatibility

The DeFi landscape is currently fragmented on different chains. As Ethereum (ETH) layer-2s like Polygon (MATIC) and competitors like Fantom (FTM) start gaining market share, projects that are built for those platforms can only gain recognition on their respective networks. This means users can potentially miss out on quality projects if they’re not using a certain chain. VLaunch will solve that problem by listing the highest-quality projects from different chains in a singular IDO platform.

Blockchains supported by the VLaunch platfor

Blockchains supported by the VLaunch platform.

The VLaunch platform is compatible with Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, and Fantom. In the future, the team plans to integrate Cardano (ADA) and Solana (SOL) blockchains.

VLaunch will likely keep expanding to support projects from all renowned L1s. This will bring much higher exposure to projects and the end users will benefit by picking projects based on their value proposition and not the chain they’re running on.

IDO Lotteries

The requirement to participate in VLaunch IDOs is to hold VPAD tokens and stake them on the platform. This will allow a user to be whitelisted and able to participate in the lottery that selects a number of users who can purchase the tokens at the IDO.

Launched and upcoming listings on the VLaunch platfor

Launched and upcoming listings on the VLaunch platform.

To make sure that whales won’t get preferential treatment over the little guys, VLaunch imposes very small staking requirements and batches together smaller stakes in groups that stand a better chance of winning an IDO allocation slot.

While on other platforms, whales who allocate the highest stakes win the largest number of IDO tokens, this is not the case on VLaunch, due to the way the lottery allocation is programmed.

New listings on VLaunch will undergo a 4-stage process to prepare the community and gather the most funds for the project:

  1. Preparation stage: Users are alerted of an upcoming IDO on the VLaunch website, social media, and influencer affiliates. This immediately draws the attention of hundreds of thousands of viewers who may be interested in the project, generating buzz and helping them increase their exposure.
  2. Whitelist stage: VPAD stakers obtain permission to participate in the IDO. Their wallet address is whitelisted and their participation is confirmed. To participate in the IDO, a user will have to have their VPAD tokens staked on the platform for a minimum of two weeks.
  3. Lottery stage: VLaunch narrows down a list of whitelisted addresses and runs them through an automated lottery allocation. The winning participants are allowed to participate in the IDO and receive the tokens at the lowest price ahead of launch.
  4. Sale stage: The project launches and the tokens are sold to users that passed the whitelist and lottery phases. If the tokens are not sold out, the VLaunch team buys them out until the IDO is complete.

The VLaunch system implements Sybil-attack prevention mechanisms to protect users from automated bots siphoning allocation slots on the lottery. The algorithm whitelists legitimate users and allocates bare-minimum stake requirements to make sure the distribution is equal.

The IDO participants will be made public and the selection process will be transparent.

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Zero Listing Fees

The value proposition of VLaunch is that all projects have an equal shot at a listing. The cost to list a new project is $0. Each project will be assessed on an individual basis to pick the highest-quality projects for the platform.

If a founder wants to list their project on VLaunch, all they have to do is submit an application.

New projects can apply for a listing on VLaunch for fre

New projects can apply for a listing on VLaunch for free.

Many launch platforms require high listing fees that can amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars. This means quality projects can be sidelined for sub-par projects if the founders have deeper pockets.

VLaunch will only select projects based on their quality without any financial commitments from the founders required. Founders don’t even have to own VPAD tokens to list their project.

Influencer Marketing

Early-stage projects can gain exposure by having their tokens promoted by the world’s biggest crypto influencers. The top names in the crypto industry will promote the VLaunch platform and every project listed on the website will gain recognition by affiliation.

Crypto thought leaders aligned with the VLaunch platform have a combined reach of tens of millions of viewers. If they promote a project listed on the launchpad, it will immediately gain recognition in the crypto community.

Crypto influencers behind the VLaunch platfor

Crypto influencers behind the VLaunch platform.

The marketing exposure a project can obtain by listing on VLaunch is immense. All users who participate in the ecosystem will be notified when a new project is listed in advance, generating hype around the project.

VPAD, as the first IDO on the platform, reached 36x since its initial price within less than five days and was listed on Phemex and other exchanges.

Price Forecast Rewards

VLaunch has a built-in community price forecast feature that allows community members to make predictions on the price of new IDOs past launch. Users who guess the price accurately will be entitled to awards paid out in VPAD tokens.

The price will be measured 30 days after the token launched and the top 2% of users who guessed it correctly will be awarded VPAD tokens which they can claim on the website. The top 10 users who predicted the price most accurately will win a higher share of the VPAD rewards.

The price forecast feature is designed to increase engagement in the community and encourage research in the value proposition of newly-listed projects.

VPAD Token

The VPAD token is the core asset of the VLaunch ecosystem. VPAD has a total supply of 1,000,000,000 (1B) tokens, an initial TGE (Token Generation Event) circulating supply of 11.28%, and a net TGE circulating supply of 5.78%.

The private sale gathered $3,000,000 from crypto influencers and venture capital firms. The sale was used to fund initial liquidity for the token when it launched on the UniSwap DEX.

hold VPAD tokensThe initial VPAD token distribution. (Source: VPAD Whitepaper)

Most tokens were staked or completely removed from circulation with a vesting period of three years. To participate in IDO allocations on the platform, users have to hold VPAD tokens in a decentralized wallet such as MetaMask.

VPAD stakers receive rewards based on the amount of time they stake their tokens. The shortest timeframe possible is two weeks and the longest is five years. During this time, they’re automatically eligible to participate in all IDOs on the platform without unstaking their coins.

The staking rewards are paid out according to the lock timeframe:

  • 2 Weeks: 0% bonus.
  • 3 Months: 30% bonus.
  • 6 Months: 50% bonus.
  • 1 Year: 90% bonus.
  • 2 Years: 160% bonus.
  • 3 Years: 260% bonus.
  • 4 Years: 410% bonus.
  • 5 Years: 650% bonus.

The vesting schedule for the VPAD token over 3 years.

The size of the stake entitles a user to “VPAD Powers” according to which they are graded during the IDO whitelist and lottery stages. Users with fewer VPAD powers are joined together with other users of similar power to increase their changes of receiving an allocation slot.

To discourage early unstaking, there is a maximum penalty of 75% that decreases on a daily basis until the final unlock date. The exception is that APY rewards can be unstaked without a penalty, while the original staked amount can be penalized until the stake expires.

VPAD Price History

VPAD had an extremely successful IDO that was well-received by the crypto community. VPAD listed on Phemex at $1 on December 22nd and doubled in price within four days, reaching an all-time-high of $2.30 on the exchange.

vpad price

While it is still early to predict future price movements, the fact that most coins are staked could lead to higher price appreciation as they are effectively removed from circulation. The three year vesting schedule for private sale rounds indicates that VLaunch’s team planned for the long-term.

Since the initial IDO, the token has been in an upward parabolic trend without any signs of a major pullback. As the project is backed by the biggest influencers in crypto and venture capital firms, it will likely receive multiple exchange listings that will lead to more exposure for VPAD.

VLaunch’s strategic partners lis

VLaunch’s strategic partners list. (Source: VLaunch Homepage)

Phemex is one of VLaunch’s main strategic partners and will continue working with the VLaunch team and observing the way the project develops over the years.

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VLaunch (VPAD) is one of the biggest launches of Q4 2021. This project is poised to become the premier launchpad for new projects in crypto considering the amount of influencer backing and momentum it gained. The VPAD token has been on a parabolic run since it launched.

VLaunch users will benefit from having access to a single platform that lists the highest-quality projects from Ethereum and all competing L1s. Each project will be backed by the world’s largest crypto influencers and lead to new exposure for VLaunch and that particular project.

The bullish case for the VPAD token is that it’s used as a utility token in the ecosystem and users have to stake their tokens to receive an allocation at an IDO. This effectively reduces the supply of the token and leads to price appreciation over the long term.

It remains to be seen whether the platform spawns multi-billion dollar IDOs and how users from different blockchains can interact together to bring the best projects to the limelight. The few tokens that IDOd in the week since the project’s inception have all been successful.

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