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Current transaction fees for both makers takers are 0.1%.
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Note: These rates do not apply to a few select currencies during special promotion periods. Refer to fees on actual transaction records as final
1.Main and Sub-accounts
Share trading volume, averages balances, and fee rates. However, newly created sub-accounts can only enjoy new rates after data is updated on the following day
2.Trading Volume
Sum of daily spot trading volume for past 30 days, current day's trading price = (Price at 12:00 UTC + Price at 24:00 UTC)/2. TRY pair trading volume not accounted.
3.Hourly average balance
Sum of each hour's account balance during previous day / 24. Balance includes spot account, contract account (excluding trading bonuses and unsettled PnL), and investment account (excluding trial funds)
4.Update time
User levels are calculated based on metrics everyday at 0:00 UTC, but actual update time may be several hours later, after our system finishes calculation

Spot Trading Parameters

Symbol Minimum Price Increment Minimum Order Value Max Order Amount