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VIP Level
Trading Fee
PT Discount
20% Discount
10% Discount
Trading Fee
Spot 20% Discount
Maker/Taker( - / - )
Contract 10% Discount
Maker/Taker( - / - )
If you have any questions, please contact vip@phemex.com
Note: These rates do not apply to a few select currencies during special promotion periods. Refer to fees on actual transaction records as final
1.Main and Sub-accounts
Share trading volume, averages balances, and fee rates. However, newly created sub-accounts can only enjoy new rates after data is updated on the following day
2.Trading Volume
Sum of daily spot trading volume for past 30 days, current day's trading price = (Price at 12:00 UTC + Price at 24:00 UTC)/2. TRY pair trading volume not accounted.
Contract trading volume: Sum of daily contract trading volume for past 30 days.
3.Calculation of asset balance
Asset Balance is determined by taking the average of the daily balances captured at a snapshot time across the preceding 30 days.
4.Update time
User levels are calculated based on metrics everyday at 0:00 UTC, but actual update time may be several hours later, after our system finishes calculation
5.Asset balance and vePT balance
If the trading volume from API trading or spot trading volume exceeds 20%, the associated benefits of the rules will be applicable to Institutional Program
Institutional clients are not eligible to receive the benefits outlined of Standard~Star VIP in these rules

VIP Level Information

Contract Trading
Spot Trading
vePT Balance
Asset Balance
User level My Last 30-day Volume (USD) Maker fee Taker fee

Trading Parameters

Spot Trading
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