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Puzzle Ending

Dear Phemex Community,

Today marks the last day of the Satoshi-Maze Puzzle competition. Unfortunately, though some people made great progress and got close, no one was able to fully unriddle this challenge on time. However, I do not consider this event a failure as the objective was to unite people and encourage all to learn more about encryption, cryptocurrencies, and security. Since the day we published the puzzle, we have witnessed as thousands of individuals came together and shared their thoughts and ideas guided by a common goal. We are proud of the community we have and continue to create within the crypto industry and although this game may have proven to be too tough to crack this time, do not worry as we will continue to release more challenges in the future.

As promised, I will now provide a detailed explanation of the puzzle and all the steps necessary to solve it. Of course, with the release of this information, the prize money will no longer be available. Please take a moment to read the solution below so you can better understand the hard work and thinking that went into the creation of this puzzle.


  1. The first 21-digit prime found in consecutive digits of e is: 957496696762772407663
  2. 27-digit number: 237871847045914904726285415 (first hint came out on Jan. 23, two times within three days, also refer to the first two digits:23), b58decode(‘SatoshiNakamoto’), convert the bytes to integer using little endian, which is bigger than that of big endian, charset(default):’123456789ABCDEFGHJKLMNPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijkmnopqrstuvwxyz’ I do find some people try to convert ‘SatoshiNakamoto’ in telegram chat, so don’t blame me that they are not ‘some words from the portrait’
  3. Last number:554405551875, b58decode(‘Phemex’) convert the bytes to integer using little endian,which is also bigger than that of big endian, charset(xrp):’rpshnaf39wBUDNEGHJKLM4PQRST7VWXYZ2bcdeCg65jkm8oFqi1tuvAxyz’

This is the final private key in decimal:126272244427365764086102017718794198001099243823071433146875 =957496696762772407663*237871847045914904726285415*554405551875, 0x141dc7bec50472bb381be8e18f6d6b397773d71fc5d91d41fb in hexadecimal

I hope the solution presented above has added some clarity to this challenging puzzle. Please join us on Phemex, follow us on Twitter, or add us on Telegram to stay up to date with all of our news and promotions or to simply have a chat.


Best wishes,


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