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VIP tiers are shared across Spot and Contract and vePT& Asset balance! Whichever one you qualify for higher level in, you can access that level's benefits for both. Details: My Fees
  • Contract
  • Spot
  • vePT Balance
  • Asset Balance
My VIP Level My Last 30-day Volume (USD) Maker Fee Rate Taker Fee Rate
Notice: If your API trading volume exceeds 20%, please consider applying for the Institutional Account Program

Exclusive Benefit

Fee Discount

  • Lowest fee stucture

Account Priority

  • Withdrawal Quickpass (Starting from VIP4)

1-on-1 Service

  • Account Manager (Starting from VIP4)

Exclusive Bonus

  • Exclusive rewards and priority only for VIP clients


  • Your product suggestions will be considered top priority.

Phemex Merch

  • Phemex customized merchandise & gift
More VIP Privileges are coming soon so stay tuned!

Terms & Conditions

1. If you have any questions regarding the VIP Program, please contact
2. Users with Contract VIP Level 4 and above can apply for 1-on-1 special customer support as well as Quickpass withdrawal services. Users with Spot VIP Level 4 and above can enjoy the same beneftis.
3. In the event of downgrade, your VIP level will be preserved for 14 days.
4. Traders on other exchanges can provide screenshot or screen recording to prove trading volume. If approved, you'll be able to instantly enjoy the corresponding Phemex VIP level and discounts. Fake or fraudulent activity will not be approved.
5. If your rolling 30-day trading volume meets a threshold, you can instantly enjoy the lower fees and other benefits without having to apply.
6. Last 30-day trading volume will be updated on the following day. For example, on July 1st you can see trading volume from June 1-30th.
7. Phemex reserves the right to be the final interpreter of these Terms and Conditions.
8. VIP Program is only applying to the users whose API trading volume ocupied equal/less than 20%
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