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Author: Alan W. Date: 2021-12-23 10:24:03

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To enrich the coin selection on Phemex and improve user experience, we’re now launching a user recommendation portal for new listings. Users can recommend which tokens they want Phemex to add.

  • To suggest a crypto asset for Phemex to list, please fill out this form.

In order to offer even more high-quality, popular assets, we will regularly evaluate user suggestions. If we list a coin that you’ve recommended, we’ll notify you via email in addition to announcing the new listing on social media. Stay tuned!

Listing Application: If you are a project owner and would like to get your token listed on Phemex, please check our Listing Application page here and submit your application.

For any inquiries contact us at


Q: How many coins can I suggest?

A: You can suggest Phemex to list as many coins as you want by submitting the form multiple times. However, please only suggest the coins you want to see the most, as submitting too many different forms would impede our selection process.

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