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What is Initial DEX Offering?

2023-11-06 00:38:10

Understanding Initial DEX Offering in Crypto

Picture yourself at a startup expo where entrepreneurs present their groundbreaking ideas, all in need of funding to materialize. Rather than seeking traditional investment routes, these founders issue tokens to contributors, who can later use them to access services or benefits once the project launches. This is akin to an Initial DEX Offering (IDO) in the cryptocurrency world.

An IDO is a method to raise capital by engaging the public as investors. It operates on a decentralized liquidity exchange using liquidity pools and smart contracts, offering an alternative to the Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Both ICOs and IDOs allow public participation in funding by contributing to a pool and receiving tokens in return, with IDOs being noted for their decentralization, user-friendliness, inclusivity, and immediate liquidity.

How IDOs Stand Apart from ICOs and IEOs

Although ICOs, IEOs, and IDOs aim to achieve similar end goals, their methods are distinct. ICOs are unregulated and self-run by the projects, often resulting in the creation of tokens post-sale and managing of funds and smart contracts independently, which led to prevalent scams. This necessitated the creation of more secure crowdfunding avenues like IEOs and IDOs.

IEOs involve a centralized exchange (CEX) that takes on the responsibility of vetting projects, managing funds, executing smart contracts, and listing tokens. IDOs, in contrast, utilize a decentralized exchange (DEX) for vetting and running smart contracts, as well as for fund management. The smart contract in an IDO autonomously allocates and distributes tokens according to contributions, collecting funds in a base currency like Ethereum (ETH) and determining the token amounts based on a set price or exchange rate.

How do Crypto IDOs Work?

Decentralized exchanges (DEXs) are pivotal in the functioning of Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs) due to their ability to facilitate immediate liquidity for tokens. DEXs often incentivize liquidity providers with significant rewards, which is crucial for the DEX to operate smoothly.

Most projects contribute a portion of their raised funds to the DEX as liquidity, a common practice that ensures efficient trading. A proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism is frequently employed, not just for network security, but also to prevent investors from selling their stakes prematurely by rewarding them for holding onto their tokens.

Upon a project's launch, trading of the new token can start instantly, allowing early investors to potentially sell at a profit if the token value rises post-IDO. The smart contracts on DEXs facilitate this by managing the tokens and liquidity pools, enabling instant token minting – a stark contrast to traditional fundraising models.

A significant advantage of IDOs is the democratization of fundraising; any robust project can reach out to retail investors without enduring stringent approval processes or bearing the high costs associated with Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs). However, this ease of access has led to an influx of substandard or even fraudulent projects that siphon investor funds.

One of the immediate benefits for investors is the rapidity with which tokens are listed on exchanges after an IDO, granting quicker access to trade and realize returns compared to the ICO process. However, DEXs are not without their downsides. While they eliminate the need for human intermediaries, making them trustless and theoretically more secure, they remain susceptible to technical vulnerabilities that have been exploited by hackers.

How to Launch an IDO?

The subsequent section will delve into a structured guide on how users can initiate their own IDOs. It will also touch upon the process of creating a new cryptocurrency, which is integral to the successful launch of an IDO.

Developing a Business Strategy

Crafting a strategic plan for your token's release on a decentralized exchange (DEX) is crucial. This strategy should encompass the project's mission, how the funds will be utilized, the chosen blockchain for the project's operation, marketing approaches, and post-IDO activity to sustain growth.

Creating Marketing Materials

Essential marketing materials for an IDO include a compelling website and an informative white paper. A visually appealing website bolsters investor confidence, while a detailed white paper provides specificity and factual information to persuade investors of the project's merit, focusing on education rather than direct sales tactics.

Engaging with a DEX Launchpad

To initiate an IDO, the project must align with the DEX platform's criteria, such as consensus mechanisms and whitelisting processes. Once these are met, the IDO can be sanctioned.

Developing the Cryptocurrency

Launching a new cryptocurrency is now more accessible and can be accomplished with some technical knowledge and marketing prowess. Utilizing tools like CoinTool simplifies the process, though the real challenge lies in proving the project's value and utility to potential investors. After the IDO and Token Generation Event (TGE), the DEX will list the token using an automated market maker (AMM) system.

Launching the Token

Launching a crypto token involves creating a token pool where investors pre-purchase tokens to be received after the TGE. This allows for dynamic pricing based on market demand. Projects may also encourage investors to contribute liquidity to bolster the project's momentum, rewarding them with additional tokens.

Advantages of Using IDOs

Compared to traditional fundraising methods, IDOs offer several benefits. Fundraisers using IDOs can allocate a portion of their token supply to the public via launchpads. Unlike ICOs, where token listing is centralized, IDOs enable listing on decentralized exchanges, facilitating immediate trading through liquidity pools. Additionally, IDOs have a project vetting process tied to the launchpad's standards, offering a more structured approach than the less regulated ICOs.

Examples of IDOs

DAO Maker

DAO Maker stands out as an IDO launchpad that caters specifically to retail-focused startups, altering the typical high barrier entry model to allow broader participation. It supports venture capital participation among a wide range of retail individuals and investors. DAO Maker also develops growth technologies and funds ecosystems designed to reduce the risks of crypto investments. For projects opting for DAO Maker's IDO platform, it offers integration with networks like 1inch, Wanchain, and Ronin.


BSCPad provides blockchain projects with a platform for token distribution and liquidity raising, boasting equitable and decentralized project launches. It solves common staking issues by ensuring that every token holder, regardless of their investment size, receives a fair allocation. BSCPad's approach includes two rounds of fundraising to ensure token allocations are distributed across all investor levels, and it supports projects from conception to launch with advisory, legal, and strategic investment services.


Recognized as a leading launchpad, BullPerks supports major blockchains including Binance Smart Chain, Cardano, Solana, and Ethereum. It employs a 6-tier system based on the number of BLP tokens users lock on the platform, which determines their tier status. BullPerks is dedicated to nurturing promising crypto projects and has become a hub for blockchain innovation, particularly for gaming ventures, helping them gain investments and visibility. Since August 2022, BullPerks has facilitated fundraising for over 50 projects, earning its place as a trusted and effective launchpad in the crypto industry.

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