Crypto Acronyms 201: GM, NGMI, & WAGMI

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The Crypto Twitterverse community is innovative in many ways, including language. Essentially, this burgeoning community of crypto enthusiasts, investors, innovators, entrepreneurs, artists, and young folks has created new terminologies related to DeFi and NFTs. Of course, this is completely natural. When people and nodes come together, they begin to communicate in unique ways and form strong bonds. With the refreshing coolness that crypto embodies, we have been introduced to older terms like HODL, FUD, and DYOR, and now to newer terms like GM, NGMI, and WAGMI.

gm wagmi ngmi

What Does gm Mean?

GM (or lowercase gm) means good morning. The crypto community began saying gm (or good morning) to each other during Bitcoin’s previous bull run to $69,000. This is because at the time positive vibes were flowing and the market sentiment was positive, which as a result put everyone in a good mood. When you’re feeling good, you want to spread the love to your followers and greet them with a good morning. GM now for crypto people is a motivational day starter and is frequently followed by sharing a bullish chart, statistic, or positive news from the macro crypto economy.

“Bitcoin is up 150% this year, GM!”

What Does ngmi Mean?

NGMI (or lowercase ngmi) means “not gonna make it.” The crypto community says NGMI as a way to make fun of, satirize, or ridicule people with negative crypto opinions, people who encourage poor investing choices, and people who fail to understand basic crypto concepts.

“Jamie Dillon from JP Morgan called Bitcoin a fraud, he’s NGMI.”

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What Does wagmi Mean?

WAGMI (or lowercase wagmi) means “we are gonna make it.” People say WAGMI to express comradery and support to their fellow crypto traders, friends, or social media followers. It’s less of a “revolutionary overwhelm the system” saying and more of a “let’s work together to build something positive that works for modern-day investors” movement.


As crypto adoption increases, as innovation continues, and as more people join the conversation, more creative crypto-related acronyms will be created. But whether they will be related to the next bull run, whether they will be related to NFTs and gaming, or whether they will be related to the anti-crypto folks, it’s impossible to say. Nonetheless, we at Phemex will keep you up to date on the newest crypto terminology.

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