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What is Cardano City: Futuristic City on Cardano’s Booming NFT Ecosystem 

2022-04-07 11:01:59

Cardano City is one of the most ambitious Cardano NFT projects, featuring over 50,000 unique NFTs. The Cardano City project is planned to be an evolving project and the story will develop as more NFT artwork is released. The project is currently in the development stages with 50 dedicated pre-sale rounds for ADA holders. The scale of this project indicates the Cardano NFT ecosystem is booming and competing with Ethereum (ETH).

To own a Cardano City NFT, a user has to be familiar with decentralized Cardano wallets and own ADA. To participate in the pre-sale rounds, users can purchase ADA on Phemex and send it to their decentralized ADA wallets. Read below to learn how to get involved in the Cardano City pre-sale.

cardano city


  • Cardano released smart contracts with DeFi capability in 2021. The “Alonzo” hard-fork lead to the creation of a booming NFT ecosystem on Cardano.
  • Cardano City is one of the most ambitious new Cardano NFT drops featuring over 50,000 unique NFTs.
  • Cardano City’s story starts with a girl call Mikka that resides in the imaginary futuristic city. The characters in the story wear symbolic Cardano insignia.
  • NFT owners in Cardano City will be able to modify their houses in the city in terms of design and interior. They will be able to sell their property in the city on a Cardano NFT marketplace.
  • There are 250 premium category digital paintings that are considered the rarest NFTs on the Cardano City project.
  • The story is evolving and as new artwork is released, Cardano City holders will receive updated versions of their NFTs.
  • The rarity ratings for the NFTs are based on five different levels.
  • Cardano’s blockchain does not support standard Ethereum tooling and users have to install Cardano-specific wallets such as Nami or CCVault to trade NFTs.
  • Cardano City NFTs will be sold in 5 large pre-sale rounds with 1,005 NFTs each. Users can purchase a maximum of 10 NFTs per round. Each round increases the price by 5 ADA.

What Is Cardano City?

Cardano City is an ambitious NFT project on the Cardano (ADA) blockchain. It features artistic imagery set in a futuristic city environment with characters wearing Cardano insignia. Cardano City is based on a story that evolves in a futuristic city with visuals depicting skyscrapers with neon lights, flying cars, and advanced technology. The story starts with a girl called Mikka that resides in a high-rise building apartment with a view of the city and wears a Cardano armband while working on her computer.

Cardano City main character Mikka

Cardano City’s main character Mikka in her residence.

The team behind Cardano City envisioned a developing story and will release new characters and storylines once the five pre-sale rounds are finalized. The plan is to make it an interactive experience where users will be able to virtually live in Cardano City, own real estate, customize their living environment, and sell their possessions on the NFT marketplace.

How Many Cardano City NFTs Are There?

There are 50,000 NFTs planned that will be released in five pre-sale rounds. The storyline will feature 250 premium paintings with different characters and environments. These will be based on posters of imaginary scenes in the city and each one will be assigned a unique number. The game will also feature 105 rare items related to Cardano.

The rarity of Cardano City NFTs will be based on multiple tiers:

  1. Legendary
  2. Rare
  3. Common
  4. Super-Common
  5. Neutral

The legendary and rare items are going to be the most valuable and the neutral items will likely incur value if the project ends up successful.

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Does Cardano Support NFT?

Cardano’s NFT ecosystem is booming now and it’s in the early stages, presenting a great investment opportunity for early adopters. Purchasing NFTs from promising projects such as Cardano City or Cardano Village could be the equivalent of purchasing valuable Ethereum NFTs such as Crypto Punks while they were in the early stages.

More than 90% of all NFT trade volume is generated on Ethereum, but high gas fees drive traders away to low-fee blockchains. Cardano released smart contract capability with DeFi in September 2021. DeFi exchanges followed and dedicated NFT marketplaces were developed for Cardano.

Cardano NFT vs. Ethereum NFT

Cardano NFTs are completely different from Ethereum’s. On Ethereum, NFTs have a separate designation under the ERC-721 standard. This separates ERC-721 NFTs from ERC-20 tokens. On the Cardano blockchain, there is no difference between regular crypto tokens and NFT tokens.

Users have to be weary of the fact that Cardano’s blockchain does not support Ethereum tooling such as MetaMask and OpenSea – i.e. tools that generate the majority of NFT trade volume. Users have to acquaint themselves to a completely new NFT trading environment based on the Cardano consensus protocol.

How much does it cost to mint an NFT on Cardano?

On average, it costs 1-2 ADA in gas fees to mint an NFT and 0.5 ADA to transfer it to a different wallet. A user in possession of Cardano City NFTs could list them on these marketplaces and/or purchase them from other owners.

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What Cardano NFT Wallet to Use?

Cardano wallets can store ADA and NFT assets based on the Cardano blockchain. Cardano wallets employ similar technology because they’re all connected to PoS (Proof-of-Stake) nodes on the Cardano network. The main difference is that not all Cardano wallets are supported by DeFi exchanges and NFT marketplaces.

For example, the most popular Cardano wallet is Daedalus which is developed by IOHK, the foundation behind Cardano. NFT marketplaces often won’t accept Daedalus and prefer to work with Nami, CCvault, Eternl, and Flint wallets that operate as browser extensions.

The difference between these wallets is that they’re browser-compatible which makes them suitable for trading on web DApps (decentralized applications). As NFT buying and selling requires connecting to a DAPP, a user has to install a browser-compatible wallet in order to trade. Nami and CCvault are generally the best bet for storing and trading NFTs on Cardano.

The wallets are all interconnected with the Cardano blockchain which means the same private keys generated on one wallet will work on another wallet. For example, if a user creates a new wallet on Daedalus and saves their private key, they could load this private key on the Nami web extension and use it to trade NFTs on any Cardano marketplace.

What Is The Best Cardano NFT Marketplace?

Cardano City NFTs, after the pre-sale rounds, will be trading on the top Cardano marketplaces such as CNFT and JPG Store.

  • JPG Store: The JPG Store marketplace generates the most sales volume with 180,000 daily users and millions of ADA traded per day. The JPG Store marketplace stands out by offering a unique “NFT Launchpad” for artists getting started in NFTs that need help launching their collection. JPG StoreJPG Store is the largest Cardano NFT marketplace.
  • CNFT marketplace: The CNFT marketplace is also growing with nearly 100,000 daily active users. CNFT has a Cardano NFT calendar for new releases. Both CNFT and JPG Store are similar to OpenSea in design and veteran NFT traders will find it easy to switch to these marketplaces and start listing their first NFTs. The only difference is that they require registration with verification. CNFT marketplace The CNFT marketplace is the 2nd largest Cardano NFT marketplace.

These NFT marketplaces allow users to view Cardano NFT collections for sale and support for the same wallets, namely CCVault and Nami. Those wallets can be used from a browser to trade on the marketplace directly and store NFTs from the Cardano City collection.

How to Participate In Cardano City’s Pre-Sale?

The Cardano City pre-sale round will feature fifty rounds and the price of NFTs will increase gradually with each round. Once the pre-sale stage is concluded, the NFTs will exclusively trade on decentralized NFT marketplaces.

Cardano City catalog

Cardano City catalog with virtual real estate in the city.

To participate in the Cardano City pre-sale round, a user will first have to install a popular Cardano wallet such as CCVault or Nami. The wallet will have a unique Cardano address and the trader can send ADA from an exchange like Phemex to participate in the round.

The sale rounds will feature 1,005 NFTs each which will bring the total to more than 50,000 NFTs sold at the end of the pre-sale. The price of the NFTs will gradually increase with each round. For instance, the first round will cost 10 ADA ($10) per NFT; the second will cost 15 ADA ($15) per NFT, and so on until the end of the pre-sale.

The first step is to reserve an NFT. The NFT will be blurred out and a user has to confirm they want to participate in the pre-sale. Users can only reserve one NFT at a time. A new wallet address is generated for every payment that looks like this:

Cardano City presale process

New addresses are generated for each NFT claim.

The minimum a user can purchase is 1 NFT and the maximum they can purchase is 10 NFTs per round. The user has only 10 minutes to send ADA to a wallet before they’re eligible to claim the NFT. The address expires if the user fails to send a transaction to that address.

Once the user deposits the ADA to that designated address, they get a claim link where they can claim their Cardano City NFTs. The NFTs then belong to them and they are eligible for future updates. The team won’t automatically update these NFTs but owners will have to claim themselves.

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Can You Trade Cardano City NFTs on Phemex?

Unfortunately, Cardano City NFTs are not supported on Phemex. Users can only trade their existing crypto for ADA on Phemex and send them to their decentralized wallets such as Nami or CCvault to participate in the pre-sale rounds and/or trade on a Cardano NFT marketplace.

To get started, visit the “Buy Crypto” section and purchase ADA with a debit card or a bank transfer. The ADA will be deposited in your Phemex wallet within two hours and you can proceed to withdraw it to your NFT wallet.


Cardano City presents an evolution in the Cardano blockchain ecosystem as a whole. The rollout of the DeFi features in 2021 lead to the creation of new NFT marketplaces on the Cardano blockchain. This was followed by ambitious NFT projects that developed large storylines and unique artwork to stand out.

The Cardano City project is one of the largest and most ambitious artwork projects in the NFT industry as a whole. It was developed by a group of talented graphic designers and artists that wanted to build the ultimate simulation and share it with the Cardano community. This project could set the precedent for new large-scale NFT projects on Cardano.

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