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Exploring The Crypto App World: What is the Best Crypto App?

There are thousands of finance, banking, investing, and portfolio apps available for download on the App and Google Play Stores. In particular, as cryptocurrencies have risen in popularity, newly created crypto apps have also come in waves to the app marketplaces. The cryptocurrency ecosystem is very large, and hence, there are many different apps available for consumers to download. For example, there are crypto exchange and trading applications, media and news applications, analytical and information tools, crypto trackers, OTC trading apps, lending platforms, DeFi apps, NFT marketplaces, crypto wallets, and portfolio management apps.


What Apps Do You Need To Get Into Crypto?

1 Crypto Exchange Apps

For absolute beginners, the only mobile or web application you need to have to get into crypto is a crypto exchange app. However, since there are thousands of crypto exchanges, it isn’t easy to choose one that is reliable, secure, trustworthy, reputable, established, simple, attractive, and easy to use. Moreover, the crypto exchange app that you download needs to be able to provide crypto trading services to your home country, preferably the country of your current location. Some crypto exchanges only serve select markets and restrict certain countries. Phemex for example, is a good crypto exchange app to choose for all levels of crypto investors. It’s also available in a majority of geographies.

2 Crypto Price Updates and News Apps

Once you have moved past the beginning stage of downloading a crypto exchange app, there are other cryptocurrency apps that you can begin using. For example, you can download CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, TradingView, Decrypt, and CoinTelegraph for cryptocurrency price updates, trading signals, and news. It’s very important to have a crypto app on your phone that brings you the most recent and accurate price updates, market signals, and important news headlines. This will prevent you from falling behind the market or missing out on price spikes or crashes.

3 Advanced Crypto Apps

Once you’re past this stage, have created your own watchlist of your favorite cryptos and are up to date on the news, you can move on to more advanced crypto apps like DeFi platforms, NFT marketplaces, crypto wallets, and portfolio management apps. However, moving into these areas is similar to “diving into the deep end.” Therefore, it’s important to have a financial strategy of what you want to do, or simply go into it and “explore by doing.” This is probably the most beneficial investment to make, i.e., taking the leap from centralized finance into decentralized finance (DeFi) and decentralized apps (dApps).

What Are The Best Crypto Apps?

The best crypto apps are the ones that allow users to buy and sell Bitcoin and a host of other altcoins, the ones that have an interest account for accruing passive crypto income, and the apps that allow you to either trade cryptocurrencies on the spot or through derivatives and futures.

The Best Apps to Buy and Sell Cryptos

One of the best crypto apps for these purposes is the Phemex Mobile App. Phemex ranks among the best cryptocurrency apps for buying cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and for crypto trading in general. Essentially, it’s an all-purpose beast.

phemex app

Phemex App. Source: Google Play

What are The Best Crypto News Apps?

The best cryptocurrency apps for price updates, news, and trading signals include CoinGecko, TradingView, CoinMarketCap, Decrypt, and CoinTelegraph. CoinGecko is a good app with a simple interface that gives users a decent overall picture of how the crypto market’s prices are moving. TradingView is better for looking at and analyzing price charts.

What are The Best Crypto Wallet Apps?

Regarding wallets, the best crypto wallet apps include Trust Wallet, Exodus, and Mycelium to name a few. However, centralized exchanges like Phemex, Coinbase, and also have built in wallets that are both secure and reliable.

What are The Best DeFi Apps?

The best crypto DeFi apps include Metamask, OpenSea, Zerion, and MyDefi (to name very few of the many). These crypto apps, Metamask in particular, are portals that allow users to hold and transfer DeFi tokens to and from a secure wallet. On the OpenSea app, users can dive into the world of NFTs. On Zerion or MyDefi, users can track the DeFi market in general and manage their DeFi portfolios in an all-in-one setting.

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There’s no shortage of cool crypto apps on the market, but picking out the ones that are suitable, attractive, and easy to use is a different challenge. Finding a grouping of apps is like picking out a new suit, they have to fit your style and your purpose. And once you start using them, your cryptocurrency investing habits will improve and you’ll feel more comfortable and confident using the apps. But let’s be honest, there’s always a learning curve for investing. Therefore, you’ll need to take some time in picking the right crypto trading apps for your specific purpose, whether that be buying Bitcoin, NFTs, or playing crypto games.

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