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What is RollerCoin: Online Bitcoin Mining Simulator

2023-02-01 09:11:24


  • RollerCoin is a play to earn (P2E) online video game designed to let players earn Bitcoin (BTC) and other popular cryptos whilst playing.
  • It is a mining simulator, where the players play against other players in order to have the possibility of earning cryptocurrencies.
  • Since its launch in 2019 it has become the most popular crypto mining simulator, boasting an active community of more than 2 million players. RollerCoin contains a number of mini games, as well as giving its players the ability to build their own mining farm, which is their main game.

What Is RollerCoin?

RollerCoin is an online video game where crypto enthusiasts can play and win real crypto. There is also a RollerCoin app, which enables players to access the game from their smartphones. The main premise of RollerCoin is that users receive real crypto for their mining power gained in the game.

The game uses the concept of crypto mining, which requires very costly technology and processes, as its premise. However, unlike crypto mining with its requirement of algorithm processing and working with the sophisticated blockchain, users can earn real cryptocurrencies in the game. The amount of crypto gained depends on the user’s extraction power. The game enables players to “mine” 3 different cryptocurrencies: BTC, Dogecoin, and Ethereum (ETH), as well as RollerTokens. RollerToken functions as the native currency of the game, and it can be used to make in-game purchases that help users gain more RollerCoin mining power. The game is monetized in three ways: in-game purchases to increase mining power, in-game advertising, and sponsorships.

The RollerCoin hamster, mascot of the game. (Source: 

How to Play RollerCoin: A Guide to Getting Started

The process of getting started with playing RollerCoin is very easy:

  • The first step is making a RollerCoin account, which can be done either by logging-in through Facebook, or by providing an email.
  • The next step is customizing the character you will be using to play the game. There are a variety of customizing options to choose from, so users can choose to either make an avatar resembling them or get creative and make more of a fantasy style avatar.

Example of a highly developed and lucrative mining rig.

  • Once an avatar has been customized and chosen, the player is allocated a basic in-game room with a computer, which is used to mine. that will be their home base. This is the space players can fill with mining equipment in order to set up mining rigs to provide them with the most mining power possible so that their block reward portion is the highest possible.

The basic room given to each player after signing up and getting started in the game.

  • It is recommended to use a RollerCoin calculator in order to maximize crypto earning potential. These calculators are off-game and developed largely by RollerCoin enthusiasts. There is a large variety of these calculators available to use or download as an app, and naturally some work better than others. They are designed to help users calculate how much their mining power can mine cryptos for them, and provide daily, weekly, and monthly projections of expected rewards. This is calculated by inputting a user’s mining power, the network power for a desired coin (network power is the combined mining power of all players), and the block reward for the desired coin. Many calculators also allow users to input the fiat currency they want to convert their crypto gains to.

How To Make Money With RollerCoin

A player’s ability to earn real crypto through this game is dependent upon their mining power, which is measured in Th/s (Terahashes) like in a real mining situation. Cryptos given in this game come in the form of block rewards, which is the number of crypto coins distributed between all active players mining. A new block reward is available every 10 minutes approximately, and players receive their portion of block reward according to the miner power they have managed to gain. There are three ways to earn cryptocurrencies by increasing miner power on offer in this game:

  • The first way is by buying mining equipment and miners. Though this equipment is virtual, users are able to generate real cryptocurrency with it. Once a user signs up to the game, they receive their own in-game room, which can be filled with crypto mining equipment. This equipment can be won through games or purchased. The equipment takes up space in the user´s room, which can be filled with up to twelve racks of mining equipment. If a room is filled, there is an option to purchase another room in order to give the user more mining power, meaning a higher earning power. All mining equipment possessed by a user will virtually mine cryptocurrency, but the user is able to decide the mining power they want to allocate to different mining equipment. Unlike the mini games, having virtual miners working on your rig permanently increases mining power.
  • The second way to earn crypto on RollerCoin is by playing mini games. This is the best option for someone who wants to spend little or no money on virtual mining equipment. There are three gaming variables in all games: time, difficulty, and reward. The premise is that the more difficult version of a game is played, the higher the reward. These temporary mining power boosts mean cryptocurrencies can be mined by the user during that time, even if the user does not have virtual miners. This feature of the game also incentivizes users to keep playing the game with a high frequency.
  • The third method is through referrals. In RollerCoin, having a friend sign up to the game with your referral code means that you receive 25% of anything your referral will earn in the game as well as 10% of any purchases they make. This percentage is universal within the whole game, meaning this percentage applies to profit gained from mining rigs or playing mini games. This means that once a referral gets their own mining rigs, you get a permanent source of passive income. Once your referral starts making their own referrals, your passive income also grows.
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What Games Does RollerCoin Offer and How Do They Work?

RollerCoin currently includes 10 mini games that last a very short time. These games all have ten levels of difficulty, and in order to move up a level the game must be completed three times. All games are reset once a day, meaning that the level achieved on any given game will revert back to level 1 daily. The games on RollerCoin are :

  • Coinclick: In this game players must click on coins falling from the sky whilst dodging bombs.
  • Token Blaster:  It is inspired by the iconic game Space Invaders, in this game players need to shoot aliens and hide from their strikes at the same time.
  • Flappy Rocket: Here players are tasked with guiding a hamster through a virtual maze.
  • Cryptonoid: This game consists of players destroying bricks in order to rack up points.
  • Coin-match: In this simple game, simple to the iconic Bejeweled game, users must make lines of 3 or more coins in order to accrue points.
  • Crypto Hamster: The game consists in controlling the path of a hamster and making sure it doesn’t encounter aliens.
  • 2048 Coins: Players must move tiles with coins on them until they add up to reach 2048 coins.
  • Coin-Flip: This is a memory game where players need to remember the location of coins and then pair the coins up.
  • Dr.Hamster: This is RollerCoin’s take on Tetris.
  • Token Surfer: This game is similar to Mario. In order to win the player needs to ride a skateboard and collect coins, riding through the levels.

The mini games on offer (Token Surfer not showing). (Source:

RollerCoin: Pros and Cons

RollerCoin is a very popular virtual mining game with many benefits, but also a number of negatives.


  • It is a totally free game where you can earn real cryptos, so, unlike online earning games like roulettes, the user is not required to top up their account with a required deposit amount in order to play the game.
  • The user interface is built to be very intuitive, offering even those who do not know much about how to earn crypto a chance to do so simply by playing the game.
  • It can be accessed very conveniently and at any time thanks to having a well-functioning app as well as a PC version.
  • It is built and designed in a very secure manner, using advanced encryption protocols designed to effectively protect the players payment details. This means that it would be very difficult for hackers to intercept the game and steal player account information.
  • RollerCoin offers players technical support that is available to them 24/7, enabling users to have the best gaming experience, as they can solve any issue they experience at any time.
  • RollerCoin mining rewards players with real cryptos, unlike many other play to earn games, which reward players with NFTs they need to sell in order to gain a liquid profit.
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  • In order to make a stable passive income through RollerCoin, buying miners is indispensable, as playing mini games only provides mining power for a limited amount of time. This means that it is hard to generate significant passive income without investing in the game (though you can buy the miners with game rewards, but it would take a long time to earn enough in the game to buy a miner).
  • Users should not expect to earn much on this game, nor rely on it as a significant source of income. It should be treated as a way to have fun whilst making small crypto earnings on the side.
  • In order to keep on earning for free, users must play the game very regularly in order to maintain their mining power. Even if a player owns miners, it is mandatory to log on to the game every 5 days to keep the electricity running to their mining rig.


RollerCoin is a popular P2E game and is very user-friendly. It distinguishes itself from other crypto games by being totally free to play, not necessitating any investment in order for its users to gain mining power. Additionally, it allows players to mine a variety of popular cryptos, not just NFTs or native currency like in other similar games. RollerCoin also offers its players a wide variety of mini games designed to help users mine cryptos, so there is something fun on offer for everyone. However, it does have some flaws, such as a low earning potential without significant investment, and a requirement that players keep up a high level of activity if they want to profit from the game.

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