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What Do NFT Whitepapers Tell Us?

Author: Contributor Date: June 24, 2022

Whitepapers can be used to help explain how a product or service works to potential customers. They can even be used to convince investors to back a project. NFTs are new and exciting, but there’s still a lot of confusion about what they are and how they work, and this is exactly where NFT whitepapers can be extremely useful.


What Is An NFT Whitepaper?

An NFT whitepaper is a digital document that provides an in-depth explanation of what NFTs are, how they work, and the applications of a particular NFT.

Difference Between NFT Whitepapers & Crypto Whitepapers

The first difference is that crypto whitepapers tend to be much longer than NFT whitepapers. This is because they not only have to explain the technical aspects of a project, but also the economic model and tokenomics. On the other hand, NFT whitepapers can be much shorter as they don’t always involve tokenomics.

NFT whitepapers tend to be more focused on communicating how an NFT works rather than the economic or financial aspects. This is because the majority of people who are interested in NFTs are developers or tech-savvy individuals who want more in-depth information on how they work.

In addition, crypto whitepapers tend to explain concepts using mathematical models more often than NFT whitepapers, since this is a more effective way to explain complex algorithms. On the other hand, NFT whitepapers are designed to be relatively simple to understand, using informative graphics and clear diagrams.

Why Are NFT Whitepapers Important?

  • Education: The first reason is that they help educate people about this new technology. Many people still do not know what NFTs are or how they work. A well-written NFT whitepaper can help to explain everything in a simple and intuitive manner.
  • Trust-building: NFT whitepapers can help build trust with potential investors. When a new project is looking for investment, teams will release whitepapers that outline their plans for the future and how they intend to accomplish them.
  • Reputation: NFT space is still new, and NFT whitepapers can help to get people excited about a project. Publishing a well-written whitepaper that outlines an exciting vision for a project can generate quite a lot of hype in the Web3 arena.
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Best NFT Whitepapers

1. Visa Whitepaper NFT

Visa’s NFT whitepaper “Engaging Today’s Fans in Crypto and Commerce” shares insights and observations on the prospects of NFTs and is a practical guide on how to evaluate and expand the opportunities they afford.

2. Mist NFT Whitepaper

Mist is a blockchain-based action RPG game centered around player-owned items and experiences. The game uses NFTs to represent in-game assets, and these can be bought, sold, or traded on the open market.

3. Decentraland NFT whitepaper

Decentraland is a virtual world where users can buy, sell, or trade virtual assets. The world is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, and all of the assets in the world are represented by NFTs.

The Decentraland NFT whitepaper focuses greatly on the use cases of NFTs. It provides a detailed explanation of how the project can be used and what makes it valuable, covering everything from the project’s architecture to its economic model.

The Bottom Line

NFT whitepapers are important because they offer a snapshot of the team building an NFT project, and can be used as marketing tools to attract investors, as well as ‘explainers’ to introduce newer investors into the space. A good NFT whitepaper can mean the difference between a project getting the attention it deserves, and one that no one ever hears about.

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