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What can you buy with Bitcoin in 2021?

The short answer is literally anything you want. There is bound to be someone selling the thing you want and willing to accept Bitcoin for it online. It’s just a matter of searching and finding that person. For example, the first-ever Bitcoin transaction was organized on bitcointalk, a Bitcoin discussion forum. Your best bet for any similar Bitcoin for goods or services offers would most likely also be on such forums.

what can you buy with bitcoin

Bitcoin has exploded in popularity as a digital currency, even more so with the recent news of Paypal adding the coin as a payment option on their platform. While many Bitcoin traders primarily see the asset as an investment to hodl, it can also be used to purchase many things around the world. Here are a few surprising products that can be purchased directly with Bitcoin. Provided you’d rather not haggle with strangers on the internet.

GoldBuy gold with bitcoin

Although Bitcoin itself is often considered a form of digital gold, you can also use it to purchase actual gold. There are many websites and companies such as JM Bullion that will allow you to purchase a variety of precious metals. If you ever feel like Bitcoin’s value may drop, transferring some of your holdings into gold may be a sound hedging strategy.

Foodbuy pizza with bitcoin

Customers in Germany can easily buy food online from and pay through their site using Bitcoin. The website uses bitpay to process payments according to their in-time exchange rates. Depending on the area, you can buy anything ranging from the original Bitcoin purchase – pizza, to kebabs or sushi.

Carswhat can you buy with bitcoin

Tesla is perhaps the best example of an automobile that can be purchased entirely with Bitcoin. However, this is far from the only brand of car that is available in exchange for bitcoin. In fact, there are many services online that specialize in selling a wide variety of cars exclusively for Bitcoin. These services offer everything from luxury cars, to RVs, to bikes.

Does Amazon accept Bitcoin?

Not exactly, but you can still spend your Bitcoin on Amazon with a little help. On sites like you can buy gift cards for just about any vendor you want, including Amazon gift cards. This essentially means that you can purchase anything you would want online using Bitcoin! The world is your oyster!

Even if you began your crypto journey as a Bitcoin trader, it’s worth taking a look at the incredible amount of things that you can purchase with the cryptocurrency. Of course, using Bitcoin instead of traditional fiat options will give you a higher level of control, anonymity, and will support or promote the industry as a whole.

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