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Ethereum Derivatives Exchange: The How to Guide

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Trading Ethereum Derivatives is extremely easy. Crypto currency markets have ‘boomed’ since 2017. Many companies as well as Investors are even more attracted towards crypto markets. This is the reason they’re always looking for new and profitable ways to make money.

Ethereum vs.Bitcoin

Crypto derivatives trading is one of the ways to make money with ease. Therefore, Bitcoin and crypto derivatives are becoming the way of life for serious crypto traders. Different platforms offer various options to trade derivatives.

But before we talk about how to trade ETH derivatives, let’s understand what a derivative actually is?

What are Derivatives?

A derivative is a contract between two or more parties whose value is based on a pre-agreed underlying financial asset (like a security) or set of assets. Common underlying instruments include bonds, commodities, currencies, interest rates, market indexes, and stocks. An exchange traded derivative is a financial instrument that trades on a regulated exchange whose value is based on the value of another asset

How to Trade Ethereum Derivatives?

Ethereum is a decentralized, blockchain-based, cryptocurrency platform. Trading ETH derivatives is perhaps what everyone of us prefers after Bitcoin. On Phemex you can simply do it in 3 simple steps.

(Curious about ETH 2.0? Read here to discover the complete timeline of ETH 2.0)

Sign up & Verify Your Account

Signing up on Phemex is very simple and easy as any other sign up procedure. All you have to do is just provide your email and choose a password. Secondly, you’ll need to verify your email by submitting the 6-digit code sent to you in your mail address. And Boom! you’re ready to go.

Deposit USDT

Whereas, to Buy or Sell an ETH contract, you’ll need to Fund your Phemex account with USDT. Simply, go to your wallet and transfer some USDT or buy USDT Directly to start trading and profit from the ups and downs of the market.

Start Trading ETH Contract

Moreover, to trade an ETH contract on Phemex, simply head over to the ‘Trade’ section on ‘Top Left’ of your screen and click Trade. It’ll take you to the market section where you can choose what and how you want to trade.

As always, with any financial instrument, do your own research, practice before you risk real money, and never risk more than you can afford to lose.

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