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7 Celebrities Who Bought Bitcoin… Are You In?

As crypto adoption starts ramping up more than ever in 2021, it has become more accessible than ever to anyone brave enough to jump in and join the fray. Although crypto and Bitcoin, in particular, might seem like last-ditch attempts to “get rich quick,” a surprisingly large number of celebrities are also buying into the hype and investing their hard-earned cash into the crypto sphere and its many projects.

bitcoin celebrities

Some unsurprising celebrities are synonymous with Bitcoin and actively invest and trade in cryptocurrency. The more technically gifted celebrities are, the more likely they are to be adopters. This includes names like Elon Musk, the Winklevoss Twins, and Bill Gates, but outside of the tech bubble, there are several stars that you might not expect.

Just for fun, let’s take a look at a couple of notable celebs who have publicly declared their association and interest in cryptocurrency.

  1. Maisie Williams. The GoT heroine, asked on Twitter in November of 2020 whether or not she should buy Bitcoin, and after much community discussion, tweeted that she “bought some anyway.”
  2. Mike Tyson. The world-famous boxer has his own line of Bitcoin ATMs complete with face tattoo branding designs. He also partnered with Bitcoin Direct to launch a Bitcoin wallet of the same branding.
  3. Ashton Kutcher. The That 70’s Show actor is a well-known investor in BitPay, a payments processor that allows merchants to accept payments in Bitcoin. He has spoken out in the past, stating that “Bitcoins are obviously becoming more and more relevant.”
  4. Russel Okung. The Carolina Panthers player is the first NFL player to “get half of his salary paid in Bitcoin.” However, this is not technically true as all of his salary is fully paid in USD, but he immediately has half converted to BTC. Nevertheless, this is still a big step in favor of crypto.
  5. Paris Hilton. The heiress auctioned off a digital painting of her pet cat for $17,000 worth of eth on the online auction platform Cryptograph.
  6. Snoop Dogg. The California rapper offered up one of his records for sale for 0.3 BTC. Back in 2013, it was practically a steal; that price probably wouldn’t hold today.
  7. Akon. The singer, songwriter, philanthropist launched his own cryptocurrency, the “Akoin,” to power a smart city in Senegal, which he plans to build.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of those who have publicly come out in favor of crypto and undoubtedly as coverage grows beyond just BTC more and more celebrities will get on board publicly and privately. However, as we all know, celebrities aren’t shy about jumping in and out of the latest thing for a little publicity, so maybe this isn’t the best measure to judge global acceptance of crypto by. The people we really want to keep an eye on are the CEO’s, the entrepreneurs, and the policymakers who have a say in regulating and creating laws for crypto. Although, they are less likely to be as vocal about their positions and may only publicly declare their investment when they’re planting a flag on the moon.

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