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Phemex December Newsletter

Author: Contributor Date: 2021-01-06 02:30:52

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A Word From Our CEO

Dear Phemex Family,

Happy New Year, and welcome to our December newsletter. What an exciting month this has been. As you may already know, this year we celebrated the holidays with our biggest giveaway yet. One lucky winner is taking home a brand new Tesla Model 3! This is just our way of giving back to our fantastic community. If you didn’t win any of our Christmas gifts this time, don’t worry;we have many more exciting events coming in 2021.

One gift that seems to keep on giving is Bitcoin. At the beginning of December, BTC’s price stood at just under $20K. As of me writing this, the current price is at $28.4K. What an incredible bull run, and perhaps this is just the beginning. However, as I always say, please trade with caution. To learn more about the crypto king’s trajectory this month, check out our December BTC Market analysis. I’ve left a link below.

Next for Phemex is the launch of our “Earn Crypto” program sometime in January. This will include savings accounts offering up to 10% APY on your unused USDT without any risks guaranteed. Similarly, we will soon add other financial services such as margin trading, so stay tuned!

Happy New Year and Happy Trading,

Jack Tao

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Phemex In The News
Jack offers his thoughts on how institutional FOMO is boosting Bitcoin.
An exploration of how Phemex chooses which DeFi projects to list and why.
A piece on Bitcoin^ bull run and how it has affected trading volume on Phemex.
Phemex December Updates
12/01 Stop Loss and Take Profit added support for trigger prices
12/03 Our system emails have a new layout
12/08 Added transaction notification functionalities


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