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What Are The Weirdest & Most Bizarre Crypto Coins Today?

Author: Jeffrey Craig Date: July 6, 2021

There is no agreed-upon, single definition of what weird coins are. Therefore, when discussing these types of coins, it must be factored in that the discussion is highly opinionated. It is highly opinionated in the sense that what is considered “weird” and “strange” is determined by the person themself. So let’s talk about a few “weird coins.”

Our Top Picks Of Weird Crypto Coins [UPDATED 2021]

Weird Crypto Coins

A crypto coin to combine Cannabis and blockchain: PotCoin (POT)

PotCoin was launched in January 2014 and was founded by an individual named Josh Inthecity. According to their website, they state “the future of the cannabis industry starts here” and PotCoin will help empower people with regards to their cannabis use. Furthermore, in an interview, Josh Inthecity explained that this coin was the first to combine cannabis and blockchain.

The coin is advertised as open-sourced, decentralized, modular, meaning that people can engage with the network as much or as little as they want, and global, in the sense that it can be accessed anywhere in the world.

Currently, the coin sits at a market cap of well over $4 million and a market rank of 1169. The price has largely remained stable at around $0.001. The most volatility that has been seen was back in March 2017 when the price rose from $0.007 to $0.46 by summer 2019, then the price began to fall back to its original position back in March 2017.

The blockchain solution for global dental industry: Dentacoin (DCN)

Dentacoin was launched in 2017 and founded by a Netherlands-based company Dentacoin Foundation. The organization claims to be the first and only blockchain solution for the global dental industry. Their goal is to improve oral health by helping patients take a more proactive role in their oral health, help dentists improve their relationships with their patients, and perhaps most importantly, reduce the cost of dental health.

Currently, the coin sits at a market cap of over $17 million and has a market rank of 731. The coin’s price has not seen too much volatility, with the exception of when the price rose back in December 2017 from $0.00017 to $0.0058 by early January 2018. However, by January 2019, the price dropped back down to its original position back in December 2017.

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The coin that embraces Greek mythology: Orion Initiative Coin (ORION)

The Orion coin was just recently released. On their website, they explain that the coin is not a mere project, but an initiative with “multiple applications and purposes.” Furthermore, the naming of their coin “Orion” serves as a symbolic purpose. They explain that, like the Orion in Greek mythology (a giant huntsman) and his position in the constellations, “the purpose for naming our initiative after this ancient hunter is we feel that the constellation is a path for the world to follow.”

Additionally, one of the main purposes of the coin is that 3% of its liquidity will be donated to children’s hospitals around the world. The organization is doing this because, as they explain, not only do they have personal experiences with childhood cancer, but they see children with cancer as “the children of the future” because by living with cancer, they must be strong like Orion.

So although the coin may not be weird in the sense of strangeness, it has a very specific application that is unique and outside of the norm, which in this case is a good thing.

To discuss some of the coin’s characteristics, it will have a frictionless yield where 6% of each transaction is sent back to its holders. Additionally, Orion burns tokens quarterly, approximately 30% of the total supply, thus increasing the value of holdings.


Many weird coins, as we have seen, are very isolated and specific to a single industry. For example, PotCoin to cannabis and Dentacoin to the dental industry. This naturally creates a certain degree of obscurity and weirdness since it adapts to whatever specific industry and culture. Nevertheless, if one is interested in any specific industry or fad, “weird” coins can be someone’s introduction to the cryptocurrency world.

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