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Best Crypto Affiliate Programs: What is Crypto Referral and How to Profit?

Author: Alan W. Date: February 24, 2023

For a large part of the cryptocurrency community, making money is the name of the game. Technological innovation and decentralization are important considerations, but the majority of traders prioritize profits above all. Are you aware that there exists a hugely profitable path to money-making in the blockchain industry that doesn’t have to do with direct token investing or futures trading? Crypto exchanges usually set up affiliate programs that offer financial benefits to those who help share and promote the exchange. The Phemex Collaborator Program is one such program that stands out by providing ownership shares in addition to regular commissions.

Crypto Affiliates vs. Referrals 

Exchanges will often have both a referral program and affiliate program running at the same time. Referrals can be made by any user simply sharing a code or link, while affiliates are often content creators or social media influencers who first apply to join an exchange’s program. Regular referrals usually result in a flat cash or token reward, whereas affiliates receive a percentage cut of the profits that their invitees generate for the exchange. In the case of the Phemex Collaborator Program, affiliates can even own a piece of Phemex through their promotional activity.

Commission Benefits of Crypto Affiliate Programs

There are several advantages of becoming a crypto exchange’s affiliate partner, as long as the platform is transparent and trustworthy like Phemex is. Commission payouts can be quite lucrative with the top programs paying as high as 50% plus more from your sub-affiliates. Phemex Collaborators get access not just to revenue-sharing schemes but also platform equity, allowing affiliates to evolve from creators to owners. Typically the crypto affiliate also receives marketing tools and resources from the platform.

Phemex Collaborator Program as Top Crypto Affiliate Scheme

Amongst all the major cryptocurrency platforms, Phemex offers the most innovative and rewarding affiliate program. The exchange’s newly revamped Phemex Collaborator Program boasts commission benefits of up to 50%, which is highly competitive across the blockchain industry. Moreover, the Phemex Collaborator Program’s distinguishing feature is that affiliates can choose to convert any portion of their earnings directly into ownership in the platform. That’s right, in an effort to promote transparency through decentralized governance and profit-sharing, the platform is allowing key partners to gain an ownership stake via affiliate promotions. It’s part of a broader Web3 project that the platform is building out. This serves to intimately align incentives between Phemex and its affiliates, forming long-term partnerships that simply don’t exist on other platforms.

To apply to become a Phemex Collaborator, all one needs to do is visit the program page and fill out a brief form. Anyone with a social media profile can apply, and their application will likely be processed within 1 day. Beyond the 50% commissions and privilege to obtain ownership, collaborators can also enjoy 10% additional income from sub-affiliates. Phemex Collaborators get access to an advanced data analytics dashboard that helps them strategize promotion campaigns. Furthermore, all newly invited users on Phemex can acquire up to $6,050 in welcome bonuses so it’s a win-win relationship between the affiliate and their invitees. Taking all these factors into consideration, the Phemex Collaborator Program is no doubt worth checking out if you’re a crypto content creator or blockchain enthusiast.

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