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Can ChatGPT build a crypto trading bot?

2023-08-25 03:13:07

If we were to ask you, ‘What’s the tech word of the year?’ it's likely that ChatGPT will be the response echoing in many minds. Nearly a year into its introduction to the world, ChatGPT has certainly become one of the most rapidly adopted innovations of all time. The chatbot, based on a large language model, took the world by storm with its impressive ability to provide human-like responses. By January 2023, just two months after its launch, ChatGPT had already reached 100 million users, becoming the fastest-growing consumer application in history. Tech giants from around the world, including Google and Alibaba, jumped on the conversational AI bandwagon to release similar products and stay in sync with the trend.

ChatGPT is impressive for a reason. It caters to a wide range of needs, such as content creation, travel recommendations, automated customer service, language translation, educational support, and even coding. The extensive capabilities of AI-powered coding have led crypto enthusiasts to explore whether ChatGPT can build automated trading bots without requiring extensive technical knowledge. Let’s delve into understanding the benefits and limitations of building a trading bot using ChatGPT.

First things first: What are AI crypto trading bots and are they profitable?

In contrast to conventional stock markets, cryptocurrency trading operates non-stop. The 24/7 nature of the market provides both opportunities and challenges for traders who require assistance in monitoring market shifts and minimizing errors. This is precisely where AI crypto trading bots come in and offer support. Essentially, AI trading bots are sophisticated software programs that use machine learning and execute automated crypto trading by collecting and evaluating numerous parameters about market conditions in real time. They are connected to crypto exchanges through APIs and use advanced algorithmic techniques to determine optimal entry or exit points on behalf of traders. The result? A vast amount of data is analyzed to make the most informed decision before executing a trade. 

It’s important to distinguish crypto trading bots that harness the power of AI from algorithmic trading bots. Traditional trading bots can only be programmed to follow specific sets of rules designated by the trader, while AI trading bots can recognize complex patterns and learn from data or past trades. What does this mean to a newbie trader? An AI trading bot will autonomously make the move that it deems best without requiring constant human intervention.

Traders nowadays seek to unlock the potential of AI trading bots for a wide variety of reasons:

  • Risk management: Bots can be set up to alleviate risks by distributing investments among diverse assets and implementing stop-loss orders. When users configure their trading bots, they have the flexibility and control to define the level of risk they find acceptable. 
  • Streamlined market analysis: AI crypto trading bots have the capacity to analyze vast quantities of data across various markets and identify trading opportunities that might escape the notice of a human trader.
  • Ability to trade 24/7: Humans can’t and should not operate 24 hours a day. In a cryptocurrency market that never sleeps, AI trading bots allow traders to rest peacefully and resist the temptation to stay up and online. Bots can consistently monitor market fluctuations and automatically execute trades. This always-on nature of trading bots assists traders in profiting from short-term market trends.
  • Removes emotion from the equation: Softwares don’t have emotions, at least not yet. While human traders can be influenced by emotions such as fear or stress that could possibly create suboptimal trading choices, trading bots function exclusively according to their programmed algorithms and eliminate the emotional factor from the trading equation.

Best AI trading bots

Given the array of advantages they provide, newbie traders might be curious about the best AI crypto trading bots they can use to automate their profits. TradeSanta, 3Commas, Pionex, Kryll, and CryptoHopper are some of the popular bots that aim to support traders in leveraging profitable strategies.

AI trading bots offer significant benefits to newbie traders. However, it's crucial to also acknowledge their limitations. Some bots come with a price tag, and users need to make sure the fees associated with using a bot don’t outweigh their earnings. Furthermore, given that trading bots typically request access to users’ cryptocurrency exchange accounts, traders need to conduct their due diligence to choose a trustworthy and secure platform to automate their trading. Lastly, though the odds are unlikely, an AI trading bot, like any internet-based system, can encounter technical issues that lead to algorithmic flaws and unexpected losses.

If you are aware of the abilities and limitations of AI trading bots, let's see how AI-powered ChatGPT can help traders build and execute their crypto trading strategies.

How can I use ChatGPT for trading?

Given the complexity of the market, a cryptocurrency trader could always welcome some well-informed support in creating and executing the most lucrative strategies. Built upon the GPT (Generative Pre-training Transformer) architecture and trained on an extensive dataset, ChatGPT can provide some valuable insights into building a trading strategy for both novice and seasoned traders. 

  • Market analysis: With its latest update available only for subscribed users, ChatGPT can now fetch real-time data. Traders can ask the tool to conduct a market analysis and understand the sentiment about a coin or a market-moving event. They can use ChatGPT-generated insights to identify patterns in a given market and adjust their portfolio accordingly.
  • Strategy building: Traders can request ChatGPT to build a day trading strategy. If given the right indicators, such as moving average crossovers, MACD, or RSI, the tool can gather data and help traders generate momentum day trading strategies. ChatGPT can also pinpoint potential concerns about a given strategy and propose alternative approaches.
  • Code writing: ChatGPT can create custom codes for trading bots designed according to the specific needs of traders. This is the essence of building a crypto trading bot, as the code generated by the tool can be incorporated into trading platforms, automating traders’ crypto strategies.

How to build a crypto trading bot with ChatGPT

Crypto traders can leverage ChatGPT’ capabilities in code generation, algorithm design, and error resolution to develop trading bots that can integrate into their preferred exchange platforms. Let’s explore the steps required to create a functional AI-powered crypto trading bot:

  1. Set up an OpenAI account: Head over to the OpenAI website and create an account. This will provide you entry to the ChatGPT interface. Note that the latest version of ChatGPT comes with a subscription fee.
  2. Engage with ChatGPT: It’s important to familiarize yourself by providing ChatGPT with the right prompts, so consider asking some questions before requesting the tool to create a code for your crypto trading strategy. A prompt like the one below can help you better understand the next steps and develop your bot’s logic.
  3. Request a trading bot code: Now that you have all the information to set up your bot, you can ask ChatGPT to produce code snippets tailored to your exact needs. You can instruct the tool to use trading languages like Python or Pine Script. Construct the prompt to precisely outline the desired functionality, indicators, or strategies.
  4. Test, test, test: Before deploying your crypto trading bot, make sure to test it multiple times using historical market data. Remember: ChatGPT may not always generate flawless code, so it’s up to you to make the necessary improvements.
  5. Integrate and deploy: When you’re satisfied with your bot, you can integrate it with a suitable trading platform, such as Phemex.
  6. Monitor and refine: Monitor your bots’ activity closely and make adjustments based on your strategy and market conditions.

ChatGPT Crypto Trading Bots: Cons & Limitations 

Being able to build crypto trading bots using AI-powered ChatGPT has undeniably stirred curiosity within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Will it revolutionize trading, and will those who are not up-to-date with this trend lag behind their fellow traders? At present, the answer remains a mystery. Additionally, building a crypto trading bot using ChatGPT presents its own set of limitations.

Primarily, traders need a foundational understanding of programming to effectively guide the tool to align with their strategies and deploy the generated code onto a trading platform. For those without coding expertise, relying solely on ChatGPT’s code generation capabilities can be quite risky. Moreover, the extent of ChatGPT’s comprehension and its responses to inquiries could be constrained by the data on which it was trained. Not to mention, the tool can only provide the codes for testing and deployment, it cannot execute trades on your behalf. 

Don’t want to build your own crypto trading bot? Use Phemex’s automated trading bot 

Not everyone has to be a coding wizard to profit from their crypto investments. If you’re worried about falling behind crypto enthusiasts who are utilizing AI-powered trading bots, now is not the time to get restless, because Phemex has your back.

Phemex has recently introduced its futures grid trading feature and it’s completely free to use. Using futures grid trading bots, you can automatically execute buy and sell orders for futures contracts at personalized preset prices. Don’t miss out on profits simply because you’re new to trading. By using Phemex futures grid trading bots, you can leverage market movements like a pro and have the peace of mind that you’re making timely decisions on a trustworthy platform. 

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Closing remarks

Innovation is at the core of cryptocurrencies, and while it’s still early to draw a conclusion about the potential impact of AI on crypto trading, the developments in this realm will certainly continue to pique the curiosity of tech-savvy crypto enthusiasts. As always, make sure to conduct thorough research before entering the trading arena and leverage established and reliable platforms to safeguard your assets. Don’t forget, you can start automating your profits today with Phemex!

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