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Best 5 Crypto Social Trading Platforms in 2024

Author: Kenny Date: 2024-01-18 20:30:01

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What are Crypto Social Trading Platforms?

Crypto social trading platforms have surged in popularity, offering a unique online space where traders can interact and exchange ideas, strategies, and insights related to cryptocurrency trading. These platforms provide an invaluable hub for both novice and experienced traders to follow market trends, copy successful trades, and discuss cryptocurrency.

The allure of crypto social trading platforms is their ability to pool together a diverse array of active crypto investors, harnessing the collective intelligence and proficiency of the community. This communal approach equips users with enhanced information and insights so that they can make informed crypto trading decisions.

A key feature of these platforms is the access they provide to other traders' historical performance and crypto trading records. This transparency allows users to learn from past successful crypto trades, potentially guiding their own investment strategies. Many crypto social trading platforms also include automated alerts for significant crypto market movements or when specific cryptocurrencies reach pre-set thresholds.

In addition to offering insights and resources from seasoned crypto traders, these platforms often host virtual trading competitions in the crypto market. Participants compete using virtual funds in simulated real-world scenarios, which is particularly beneficial for novices to gain experience in cryptocurrency trading without financial risk. Additionally, educational resources on these platforms help beginners navigate the complexities of crypto markets and blockchain technology.

Top Crypto Social Trading Platforms in 2024


Phemex is a distinguished crypto and derivatives exchange, noted for its sophisticated copy and social trading capabilities. It provides a social trading environment enabling users to replicate the trades of proficient traders, with customization options to match their risk preferences.

Pros of Phemex:

  • Adjustable criteria for copy orders
  • Comprehensive trader performance metrics
  • User-friendly design
  • Variety of trading bots for different crypto pairs


Cryptohopper is an automated crypto trading bot with a copy trading feature. It allows users to mimic skilled traders' trades, offering pre-set plans and a marketplace for plan exchange, enabling hands-off trading with customizable bots.

Pros of Cryptohopper:

  • Multi-exchange support
  • Demo account for practice
  • Customizable bots and technical analysis tools
  • Strategy backtesting features

Cons of Cryptohopper:

  • Additional cost for signals
  • Limited free plan features
  • Possible regional restrictions

OKX (formerly OKEx)

OKX, previously known as OKEx, presents a feature called OKX copy trading. Users can mimic the transactions of adept traders, bypassing the need for personal research or trading. OKX supports a wide range of coins and trading pairs.

Pros of OKX:

  • Competitive fees
  • Beginner-friendly interface
  • Low deposit and conversion charges
  • Trader filtering by AUM capacity

Cons of OKX:

  • Inaccessibility for US residents
  • Increasing KYC procedures globally


Wundertrading emphasizes a community-centric social trading experience, promoting collaboration and offering educational resources. Users can shadow successful traders, exchange ideas, and use various automated trading options.

Pros of Wundertrading:

  • Focus on social trading community development
  • Collaborative and learning opportunities
  • Educational resources and tools
  • Promotions for free first month
  • Multi-exchange support

Cons of Wundertrading:

  • Relatively small but growing user base
  • Presence of less skilled traders 


BingX, a nascent cryptocurrency exchange, offers an uncomplicated and adaptable copy trading feature. Users can analyze traders' past performances and risks before deciding whom to copy, also benefiting from a community for strategy sharing.

Pros of BingX:

  • Vibrant social trading community
  • Straightforward interface
  • Practice demo accounts

Cons of BingX:

  • Elevated transaction fees
  • Unavailable to US residents

Why Use Crypto Social Trading Platforms?

Crypto social trading platforms are tailored for user-friendliness, accommodating a wide spectrum of traders from beginners to experienced cryptocurrency investors. Their intuitive interfaces allow easy analysis of crypto charts, comparison of different cryptocurrencies, and review of other traders' successful crypto portfolios, simplifying the decision-making process.

These platforms typically have lower fees than traditional crypto exchanges or brokerages. By providing access to a vast range of tools and resources, traders can quickly identify profitable and low-risk cryptocurrency investments, optimizing costs while achieving high returns.

Another benefit is the reduced stress in crypto trading. By emulating successful crypto traders' strategies on these platforms, users can lessen the burden of making complex financial decisions independently. They can instantly leverage the collective expertise of top crypto traders, and enjoy a slightly greater peace of mind knowing they are employing the same strategies as more experienced traders..

Increased transparency is a hallmark of crypto social trading platforms, offering detailed profiles and comprehensive trading histories. This clarity helps build trust among investors, facilitating learning from shared experiences and successes while reducing risks associated with fraudulent activities or unwise investments in the crypto market.

Why Are Crypto Social Trading Platforms Important?

Crypto social trading platforms are crucial in the rapidly evolving digital currency landscape. They provide essential tools and a collaborative community for better decision-making in cryptocurrency trading. These platforms are particularly beneficial for accessing the knowledge and expertise of more experienced crypto traders, helping users make informed trades and avoid costly errors.

Moreover, these platforms offer powerful analysis tools for examining past performance patterns, which can help to identify current trends or future market movements. Such analyses can inform decisions on buying or selling specific cryptocurrencies and help develop effective pricing strategies, leading to consistent profitability in the volatile crypto market.

Features Provided by Crypto Social Trading Platforms

Crypto social trading platforms offer several distinctive features:

  • Copy Trading: Users can replicate the trades of experienced crypto traders in real-time, gaining quick access to profitable investments while managing their risk levels.
  • Advanced Charting Tools: These tools assist in analyzing and tracking emerging trends in the crypto market, aiding in better trading decisions.
  • Trade Alerts: Platforms provide alerts for notable changes in the crypto market or system-generated signals, ensuring traders don't miss important opportunities.
  • Community Discussions & Forums: These forums allow for the exchange of crypto trading strategies and ideas, enhancing knowledge sharing among platform users.
  • Robo-advisory Features: Automated investment advice features use algorithms to create tailored portfolios based on global indices and individual investor preferences, optimizing returns in the crypto market.

What Types of Users Can Benefit From Crypto Social Trading Platforms?

  • Casual Crypto Traders: Ideal for those who wish to engage in cryptocurrency trading without deep immersion, benefiting from experienced traders' insights.
  • Experienced Crypto Traders: These traders can stay updated on crypto market trends and discover valuable tips from other seasoned crypto investors.
  • Crypto Investors: Those looking for diversification or increased returns with lower risk in the crypto market can utilize the collective wisdom of platform participants.
  • Crypto Newcomers: Beginners in cryptocurrency trading can learn by observing others' actions on these platforms, gaining practical insights into crypto strategies.


Phemex introduces PhemexPulse, a groundbreaking social trading platform offering weekly rewards. Participants can join, trade, and interact in groups for a chance to win a share of 50 million Phemex Tokens, effectively receiving a weekly indirect subsidy. It’s considered by the crypto community to be the premier social trading platform with innate lucrative rewards built into the ecosystem.

Key Highlights:

  • PhemexPulse: Your Gateway to Wealth - Engage as a leader or follower in PhemexPulse to earn rewards and build wealth together in the PT community.
  • Profit from Your Influence - Easy wealth creation for both group owners and followers in PhemexPulse. Form or join groups, backed by Phemex, and earn PT rewards.
  • Rewarding Group Ownership - Create a group, attract followers with quality content and trading insights, and compete for a share of the 50 million PT prize pool, with at least 20% reserved for the group owner.
  • Benefits for Followers - Join any group, connect, and engage to share in 80% of the 50 million PT prize pool, distributed among followers.
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