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Take Profit & Stop Loss Now Support Partial Positions + Additional Upgrades

Author: Alan W.

Dear Users,

As of March 10, 2023 we have comprehensively upgraded our take profit and stop loss order features for contract trading.

Key improvements are as follows:

1. For both desktop and app, take profit, stop loss, and trailing stop orders can now be implemented for partial positions. 

  • On the contract trading interface, simply hover over setting and choose Partial under Position TP/SL
  • You can now set take profit, stop loss, or trailing stop for a portion of an open position by toggling the size of TP/SL order

2. Take profit and stop loss orders now support limit and post-only order types as well

3. Trailing stops can now be set according to price movement percentage (in addition to specific value)

4. On the desktop version, TP/SL options are now displayed on the contract trading interface. This means that when opening a new position, you can directly set TP/SL parameters instead of waiting for a secondary pop-up window.

For more details on how to use our upgraded take profit and stop loss features, check out How do I set a Take Profit or Stop Loss order as well as How do I set a Trailing Stop order.

Phemex is constantly aiming to improve your crypto trading experience based on user feedback.

Phemex Team

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