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Predict Bitcoin Price, Share 1000 BTC!!!

Author: Silvia Date: 2023-09-06 10:00:00

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Dear Traders,

We're thrilled to unveil our most significant event to date, and it's going to be legendary! Get ready for a chance to win up to 1000 BTC. Check the instructions below and don’t miss this life-changing giveaway! 

How does it work?

Submit your index price prediction for BTC on our landing page to join the event.

Step 1:

Phemex Soul Pass holders can directly cast 2 votes. Don't delay - mint your Phemex Soul Pass now to join this epic event and get a chance to win a crypto fortune!

Step 2:

Starting on September 14, we're giving you the chance to predict and vote the BTC Index Price for October 31st. Here are the options and their corresponding prize pools:

Let's break it down: 

Suppose you vote twice for Option 1 during the voting period. If, on October 31 at 0:00 UTC, the BTC index price ends up in this range (> 50000), you're in for a share of the BTC prize pool, along with other users who made the same choice. You will win 2/(Total votes for Option 1)*1000 BTC. 

Suppose you vote only once for Option 1 and cast your second vote for a different option, in that case you will win 1/(Total votes for Option 1)*1000 BTC.

Step 3:

Wait until October 31 to discover the final BTC index price. Following the event, winners will receive their rewards within 7 working days. 


  • Phemex reserves the right to make any final and binding amendments to these rules. Additionally, Phemex reserves the right to reclaim distributed rewards. You can find out more details on the campaign landing page which will be launched on September 14.
  • If you need further guide on how to participate in this event: click here.
  • Landing Page: TBA

Enjoy and good luck!

Phemex Team

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