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Phemex Partners with NapBots!

Author: Nicolas Tang Date: 2020-09-30 09:45:16

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Dear Traders,

Phemex is excited to announce its newest partnership with NapBots!

NapBots, belonging to the French Napoleon Group, is led by former Tier 1 banking multi-billion dollar asset managers. The team has over a decade of experience creating and deploying trading algorithms for traditional assets. Now, their proven technology is being applied to a variety of highly liquid crypto assets.

By using NapBot’s world-class trading bots, clients can automate their spot trading strategies on Phemex. To learn more about NapBots and its services please visit:


Connecting Phemex with Napbots takes 3 simple steps:

  1. Open a sub-account and allocate the budget you’d like the bot to trade, then generate an API key with your real IP address (
  2. Visit, subscribe to your preferred plan and select Phemex out their list of exchanges.
  3. Select one or multiple crypto signals based on your desired level of risk/profit exposure, the bot will trade only currencies that it is designed to.

Risk Disclosure

Nothing on the NapBots website should be considered investment or financial advice. NapBots is not an investment fund or broker. You are solely responsible for all actions taken on the platform, any investments made, and sole bearer of all profits and losses.

For any inquiries contact us at

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