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Investment Bonus Event – Phemex Phestival 2022

Author: Alan W. Date: 2021-12-21 10:00:44

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Hello Phemex Users,

We’re continuing the Phemex Phestival 2022 celebrations and another awesome event awaits you. This Investment Bonus event is available for those who have never made a deposit on Phemex. Users who participated in our Banxa 0 Fee Deposits event are also eligible to join this event, as long as your first deposit on Phemex occurs between 21st Dec. at 0:00 UTC and 27th Dec. at 11:59 UTC. This event allows you to earn additional interest income on our Earn Crypto investment program.

During the campaign period, if you buy or deposit BTC or USDT for the first time, then transfer those funds to your investment account, you’ll receive 100% of your net deposit matched in 7-day fixed trial funds to your investment account. Trial funds are rewards that compliment your invest account balances. You can earn and keep the interest income made from trial funds, but cannot withdraw or use trial funds for any other purpose (for more information, please refer to our user guide: “What are Trial Funds?). Whether the trial funds come in BTC or USDT depends on which crypto you deposit and transfer. If you’re not sure what trial funds are,

For example, let’s say your net deposit during the campaign period is 1000 USDT. During the same period, you transfer this USDT into your USDT investment account and fill out this form. On Dec. 28th, you will receive 1000 USDT in trial funds to your USDT fixed investment account, which would also count toward earning 8.5% APY for 7 days.

Note: If you’re not sure what trial funds are, please refer to this user guide. You can also visit our Earn Crypto page to calculate how much interest income you would earn.

How to participate: 

  • Deposit BTC or USDT
  • Transfer your deposits into your BTC or USDT investment account
  • Fill out this Form
  • Wait for your trial funds to arrive on Dec 28th and enjoy the interest income boost!


  • Campaign Period: Dec. 21, 2021 at 0:00 UTC to Dec. 27, 2021 at 11:59 UTC
  • Trial funds will be distributed to eligible accounts on Dec. 28

Terms and Conditions

    • You can continue to enjoy Buy Crypto using Banxa with zero fees
    • Net deposit= total deposit – total withdrawal
    • Please complete this form after you have purchased/deposited crypto and transferred it to your investment account.
    • Users are only eligible to participate with a single account. If we detect multiple accounts with the same IP addresses or UIDs, all offending accounts will be disqualified.
    • The following actions will result in immediate disqualification:batch account registration, profits from market manipulation, self-dealing or wash trades.
    • Only main-accounts are allowed in this competition, sub-accounts will not be counted.
    • Phemex reserves the right to make any final and binding amendments to these rules.





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