Two Steps to mint your Phemex Soul Pass

Step 1: Connect Wallet
Step 2: Mint Phemex Soul Pass
galsess Gasless

You can check your PT balance after minting your one-of-a-kind Phemex Soul Pass soulbound token

Minting Requirement:(#Choose one of the options to fulfill the conditions)

Last 30-day trading volume --/ USD(contract + spot).

Holding 500 or more PT , 0/500 PT

What is Phemex Soul Pass

The Phemex Soul Pass (PSP) is a Soulbound Token (SBT) that serves as your on-chain passport to a new era of decentralized Web 3.0. As the first ever soulbound token used by a major cryptocurrency exchange for decentralizing ownership. PSP enables holders to own a piece of Phemex and actively engage in platform governance. Mint your unique PSP on the Ethereum blockchain.

Benefits to minting Phemex Soul Pass

Earn PT
Soul Pass holders are eligible to participate in the PT staking event to earn additional PT.
Become Phemex DAO Contributor
Join the Phemex DAO
Participate in governance by voting on platform actions such as new coin listings, budget spending, and more.
Phemex Web 3.0 Special Campaigns
Eligible to participate in Phemex IEO
Eligible to participate in exclusive campaigns for special rewards.

Who is eligible to mint?

Key Partners
High level platform partners, builders, and whitelisted members gain early access to minting.
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Phemex Collaborators
Our upgraded affiliate system allows you to turn influence into investment and become a Phemex owner.
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Active Traders
Users who reach the relevant contribution threshold will be eligible to mint their unique PSP and start stake PT.
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