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Introducing Pulse Season 3: Tip Others, Get Paid Yourself!

Author: Oyku Date: 2024-04-25 11:29:19

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How thrilling has your journey been so far with the most innovative, captivating, and rewarding SocialFi feature ever? Throughout the captivating ride of Pulse's second season, we've been all ears, collecting your invaluable feedback, and our hard-working Phemex team has been crafting enhancements in response.

You've made it clear: you crave a richer tapestry of high-quality content and stimulating conversations on Pulse. And we've risen to the challenge! We're thrilled to unveil a new reward system that doesn't just recognize but rewards your exceptional contributions. 

Before we dive into the details of the new mechanism, let's roll out the red carpet for an announcement that's bound to get your hearts racing. As we usher in Season 3, we're supercharging the daily Pulse prize pool to a staggering 10,000 PT! That's right, our dedication to distributing that colossal 50 Million PT prize pool is stronger than ever. Get ready, because thanks to you, Pulse is about to get even more pulse-pounding. 

Fresh update alert: Get ready for cool new updates coming to Pulse

  • You can now score points just by sharing Casts on your social media accounts.
  • Each Cast you send will use up just 5 from your Tipping Allowance. Share away and make the most of your experience!

Here's the timeline ahead:

Web (Launching May 9th at 10:00 AM UTC)

  1. Share your Casts on social media to earn points.
  2. Cast sharing is fully enabled on the Web.
  3. Each Cast will now deduct 5 Tipping Allowance.
  4. Cast sharing is available to view on Web, but not yet enabled. Please wait until App launches for all users, following the below App timeline.

App (launching on May 11th at 08:00 AM UTC with full functionality)

  1. Sharing casts on social media is enabled.
  2. Each cast deducts 5 Tipping Allowance.

Now let's remember the rest of Season 3 offerings...

Where content is king, where content is currency: Pulse Season 3 

We're rolled out engaging new features like casting and tipping. These tools are designed to facilitate knowledge sharing and actively reward it, creating a vibrant cycle of interaction and appreciation within our community.

What is a cast?

Cast is the heartbeat of Pulse, the content you share on the platform. Our vision for Pulse has always been crystal clear: to elevate the community through high-quality content that empowers and enlightens your trading journey. So, we're now rallying our community to share their superior insights, analyses, and commentary on Pulse. We've named these valuable contributions as "casts" – they are the stories, the advice, the discussions you share. 

What is a tip?

Cast is what we call the content you share on Pulse. But the story doesn't end with just sharing — we have a dynamic way to celebrate and reward the cream of the crop. Enter the tipping function. This feature empowers you to recognize and reward the standout casts that truly enrich our community. When you publish a cast, you're not just sharing insights; you're inviting the community to tip your content if they find it valuable. And here's the kicker: both tipping and being tipped increase your chances of claiming a slice of the daily prize pool. It's a win-win that keeps the quality of our community content on the rise!

How do cast and tip turn into points?

Points, Points, Points!

Every day is a new battle! Your share of the 10,000 PT is calculated by: Your Points / Total Points x 10,000 PT. And with the daily reset, every day is a new opportunity to conquer!

Action 1: Be a Star, Cast Away!

Cast your crypto wisdom into the Pulse universe. The more captivating your content, the more tips you'll attract from the community. It's your stage, shine on!

Action 2: Tip-Top Tipping!

When a Cast strikes a chord, tip it! This gesture rewards the creator while you also increase your points for appreciating amazing content. 

How to increase your tipping allowance? 

On Pulse, every user starts with a basic tipping allowance, but we've spiced things up by introducing a variety of engaging methods to boost your tipping power.

Boost your base tip allowance:

  • KYC Bonus: Complete advanced KYC for a 50 Tip Allowance.
  • PSP Perks: The longer you hold PSP, the more points you earn, with rewards increasing over time.
  • VePT Value: Holding 50+ vePT? That's an instant 50 tip allowance
  • PT Stacking: Every 100 PT nets you 5 points, up to 150 tip allowance
  • Deposit Dynamo: Every 100 USDT deposit on Phemex grants you 5 allowance, with a potential of 250 in total.
  • Trading Titan: Generate 1 point for every 10K in trading volume, capping at 1000 tip allowance points.
  • Social Butterfly Bonus: Interaction is key. Each person who interacts with your Casts, especially with tips, in the last 7 days boosts your tip allowance by 10, up to a 10,000 points cap!

Remember: Tipping yourself is a no-go. Keep it social and only tip your Pulse friends!

Earn more with Pulse's Additional Allowance: 

  • Your top 20% casts from the last 7 days could gets you extra tip allowances. 
  • Get 2 allowances for each like or comment and 10 for each tip on these top casts. 
  • A cast that gets liked, commented on, and tipped nets you a bonus of 10 points.
  • Additionally, each tip on any of your messages earns you 1 allowance, and holding an inscription adds 200 to your tip allowance.

Get ready to cast, interact, and tip your way to the top. Your Pulse journey to tipping stardom starts now!

An Example Day at Pulse:

Let’s create an imaginary day at Pulse to help you picture how to earn PT daily 

Morning Routine:

  • Creating Content: You start the day by posting a well-researched cast about a trending topic in the trading community.
  • Receiving Tips: Throughout the day, 10 users tip your cast
  • Tipping Others: You also tip 5 high-quality casts created by other users, engaging with the community.
  • KYC and Holdings: You have completed advanced KYC verification and hold 300 vePT and 2,000 PT.
  • Deposits and Trading: Your net deposit is 500 USDT, and the trading volume over the last 30 days is 100K.

Throughout the Day:

  • Interactions: Over the past week, 50 users have interacted with your casts, showing significant engagement.

Calculating Points and Allowances:

  • From Tips: 10 tips received = 10 points.
  • From Tipping Others: 5 quality casts tipped = 5 points.
  • From KYC: 50 points.
  • From vePT Holding: 50 points (for holding more than 50 vePT).
  • From PT Holding: (2000 PT / 100) * 5 = 100 points.
  • From Net Deposits: (500 USDT / 100) * 5 = 25 points.
  • From Trading Volume: (100K / 10K) * 1 = 10 points.
  • From Social Interaction: 50 users * 10 points each = 500 points.
  • Additional Allowances: Let's say your casts are in the top 20%, and from that, you earn an additional 100 tip allowance.

Total Points for for the Day:

  • Tips + Tipping Others + KYC + vePT Holding + PT Holding + Net Deposits + Trading Volume + Social Interaction
  • 10 + 5 + 50 + 50 + 100 + 25 + 10 + 500 = 750 points

Evening Review:

  • Calculating Share of Prize Pool: The total points earned by all users for the day is 100,000.
  • Your Share: (750 / 100,000) * 10,000 PT = 75 PT.

End of Day:

  • Conversion and Reset: At 23:59:59 UTC, your points are converted into 75 PT, and the points balance resets.

Start Fresh:

  • New Day: You receive a new base tip allowance at 00:00 UTC, plus any additional allowances earned from the previous day's interactions.
  • You plan to continue creating engaging content, interact with the community, and use the tip allowance strategically to maximize the chances of earning a larger share of the prize pool the next day! 

By following this journey, you not only contribute to the community but also stand a chance to win a significant share of the daily 10,000 PT prize pool. The key is to be active, create valuable content, and engage with others' quality casts.

We can't wait to take our crypto conversations to new heights and celebrate your contributions with well-deserved rewards!

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