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VPAD Spot Listing

Author: Alan W. Date: 2021-12-20 09:12:14

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Phemex is happy to announce a long awaited listing: VPAD

VPAD ($VPAD) is the native token of Vlaunch, a multi-chain launchpad that allows people around the world to invest in new and exciting projects. VPAD is backed by two of our closest partners, ChrisMMCrypto and CryptoMo, as well as many more thought leaders of the industry. Follow our social media channels and Vlaunch’s announcement channel for more information regarding giveaways and competitions related to the listing.

The listing is scheduled for Wednesday the 22nd of December at 14:00 UTC, in collaboration with Skynet Trading, one of the world’s leading Liquidity Providers in crypto markets.

Due to the adjustment of VPAD withdrawal fee (changed from 100 VPAD to 25VPAD), the withdrawals of around 200 users were rejected. These users will need to re-submit their withdrawal request with the updated withdrawal fee, and their request will be processed normally. Due to large number of users, there may be delays as the transactions are processed on the blockchain. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience or ill-experience. If you encounter any issue during the VPAD withdrawal process, feel free to contact our online customer service channel. We will promptly help you to resolve it.


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