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Using New Phemex Prediction Markets

Author: Alan W. Date: 2022-09-08 07:26:06

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Dear Users,

Phemex launched our new and innovative Prediction Markets feature. This represents a fun and novel way to make money by betting on the outcomes of future events. You can wager tokens on various topics such as sports, politics, crypto developments, and more.

From now until Sept. 21, if you use the Prediction Markets, you can win some extra goodies such as cashback vouchers and even $100 bonus through our Master Predictors giveaway. Visit the official event announcement for more details on that giveaway.

What is Prediction Markets 

Go to the Prediction Markets page now to bet on future outcomes of various real world events. You’ll see a variety of topic questions that each represent its own market. Each market features two outcomes, and you can commit funds to bet on the outcome you believe will occur.  The total prize pool for each market is also displayed, and will eventually be shared amongst all those who bet on the correct outcome.

After making a bet, you’ll receive shares in that outcome which can be viewed and exchanged for winnings if that outcome ends up happening. Make your predictions and start profiting from your forecasts.

Visit our user guide for more detailed instructions on how to use Phemex Prediction Markets.

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