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The Phemex Trader's Arena - Compete for 100 BTC

The Phemex Trader’s Arena (#PTArena) is a BTC/USD contract crypto trading competition that will pit different teams of traders against each other as they compete for a maximum prize pool of 100 BTC.

Prize Pool

Participants Prize Pool
200-499 2 BTC
500-999 5 BTC
1000-1999 10 BTC
2000-3999 20 BTC
4000-5999 40 BTC
6000-7999 60 BTC
8000-9999 80 BTC
10,000+ 100 BTC


September 24th: Team Captain Registrations

October 9th: Team Member Registrations

October 24th: Trading Battle Begins

November 7th: Trading Battle Ends

November 12th: Award Distribution


The only requirement to participate in this competition is to have a Phemex BTC Trading Account with a net value of 0.02 BTC or more at the time of registration.


Traders with enough influence to attract a large team can apply to become team captains by completing this form. Once team member registrations open on October 9th, all qualified traders will be able to join the teams or captains of their choice.

A valid team must have at least 10 members. Any teams that do not meet this requirement by the time the competition begins will be disbanded. Members will then be randomly assigned to other qualified teams.

Team rankings will be based on the average Return on Investment (ROI) of each team’s top 25% best traders. If a team has less than 40 members, rankings will be calculated based on the top 10 trader’s average ROI instead.

All participants will also be ranked and rewarded at an individual level. Unlike team rankings, individual scores will be based on Profits and Losses (PnL).

Award Breakdown

The final prize pool will be divided into two categories of awards:

Team Awards (78% of final prize pool)

1st Place Team: 25% of total prize pool

2nd Place Team: 15% of total prize pool

3rd Place Team: 8% of total prize pool

4th-10th Place Teams: Equal share of 30% of total prize pool

  • Team captains receive 40% of their team’s award
  • Top 10 traders share 30% of their teams award
  • All remaining members share 30% of their team’s award

Individual Awards (22% of final prize pool)

1st Place Individual: 8% of total prize pool

2nd Place Individual: 5% of total prize pool

3rd Place individual: 2% of total prize pool

4th-10th Place Individuals: Equal share of 7% of total prize pool

Calculation Formulas

Team Ranking (ROI)

  • Average ROI of team’s top 25% traders (average ROI of top 10 traders, if less than 40 members)
  • Formula for Individual Member’s ROI:
  • Individual PNL/(BTC Trading Account initial net value + incoming transfers during the event + commission income during the event + any bonuses receive during the event)

Individual Ranking (PnL)

  • BTC Trading Account current net value (balance + unrealized PnL) – BTC Trading Account initial net value + outgoing transfer during the event – incoming transfers during the event – commission income during the event – any bonuses received during the event


Based on this structure, a trader that registers as a team captain has the potential of winning 18.75 BTC:

  • 10 BTC as the Captain of the best ranked team
  • 0.75 BTC as a top 10 trader of the best ranked team
  • 8 BTC as the top ranked individual trader

Other Benefits

Besides the generous BTC prizes, team captains will also receive hundreds of dollars worth of Phemex Merch and millions of unique visitors in terms of traffic exposure. Phemex will actively promote all final teams and their captains across all social media channels.

Phemex will also conduct daily merch and $1,000 trading bonus lucky draw giveaways every day.

To check the current status of the competition check out our landing page: https://phemex.com/crypto-trading-competition

Choose your team carefully, awaken your inner trader, and be the One to win!

For any inquiries contact us at support@phemex.com.

Follow our official Twitter account to stay updated on the latest news.

Join our community on Telegram to interact with us and other Phemex traders.

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