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Take Profit & Stop Loss Function Upgrades

Author: Silvia Date: 2023-09-05 10:35:22

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Dear Traders,

Phemex has upgraded the TP/SL function to help users to manage risks more efficiently.

When setting a TP/SL order, there are two modes that can be switched:

1. Entire TP/SL - Take Profit & Stop Loss will take effect for the entire position. Only ONE TP/SL order is allowed to be applied to the entire position.

2. Partial TP/SL - Take Profit & Stop Loss are only valid for the current order. It is allowed to set multiple TP/SL orders applied to part of the position.

The details about the Take Profit and Stop Loss function upgrades are as follows:

The core upgrades of the TP/SL function:

1. When placing an order, you can directly set a market order to take profit and stop loss, or you can click Advanced and set a conditional limit order in the pop-up window to take profit and stop loss.

2. Click Set TP/SL at the position, and the setting interface will pop up. The top tab supports quick switching of Entire/Partial mode. It should be noted that a single position only supports one type of TP/SL order

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