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Recap: Phemex X Stepwatch AMA

Author: Lunevail Date: 2022-07-19 07:47:29

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On July 11th, 2022 7AM UTC (3PM UTC+8), we had an AMA session with Stepwatch in our Telegram chat at Our guest was KwanYeong Lee, Stepwatch COO.

Here are the all points that you need to know from the AMA session:

Segment 1: Questions from Phemex

Question 1: Please introduce yourself, KwanYeong?

Answer: Hello! Phemex Community! It is really an honor to be here with the community to introduce our project to the WORLD! To have a short introduction of myself, my name is Kwan Yeong Lee [laughs] I am the CSO (Chief of Strategy Officer) of HDlabs. HDlabs is the development company of the Stepwatch project!

Question 2: Could you please explain what SWP is and how it works?

Answer: SWP is the main token of the project. It is considered a utility token with many applications inside and outside StepWatch. The best point of SWP is that there are many ideas to burn the token with but not limited to by doing processes such as Evolve, Defi Zone, Fusion, Repair NFT, Upgrade Stats, Unlock Socket, MKP trading and creating NFT. To add more, SWP has a limited supply of only 500 Million tokens.

Question 3: I heard that Stepwatch has lots of game modes, like solo mode team mode. Could you please explain those modes for us?

Answer: Yes! We do have a few game modes ready at the moment which would include Team, Solo, Mission mode are good to go for now but we are also finalizing Weekly Pass and PVP mode for more interesting quests for the users. I would love to introduce each mode chronologically but it would be the best for you guys to read it on our white paper.

Question 4: How can a user start playing the game? The user has to buy some NFT first, right?

Answer: Playing the game is the easiest part; you would just need to follow the instructions!

  1. Download the StepWatch app.
  2. Register an account on the app’s start screen or on our official website.

You can sign up for StepWatch using your email address.

  1. Connect your wallet or skip this step.
  2. Buy NFT Watch or use free version Watch
  3. Experience the app and start exercising.

Question 5: What is your development roadmap for the future?

Answer: We are almost done with our Q2 roadmap and for Q3 we are willing to develop a more stabilized app which would be made as APP V2. Our development team is also working on features such as Runner club, Limited NFT to have more prestige and we also wish to open tournaments to have more fun for our users using our app. You could check more about our future plans on the whitepaper:

Segment 2: Questions from Twitter

Question 1: Does your project only cater for existing users in Crypto space or also for newbies in Crypto? If so, how do you encourage newbies to get to use your product?

Answer: Our goal is to cater not only for the existing users in Crypto space but to gather non Crypto users to use our app as well. Our marketing team is really trying their best to make easy guidelines to follow up / making video tutorials etc to make non crypto users to have a smooth experience trying their first M2E with Stepwatch

Question 2: What makes StepWatch  different from other Move-To-Earn projects?

Answer: What makes StepWatch different from other M2E projects is that we really do have a lot of features ready for our users and also have a lot of burning systems ready to stabilize our app. We hope users would like our project and try out Stepwatch to see the difference by using it!

Question 3: Why Polygon?

Answer: As most of the crypto users already know, Polygon is the best blockchain for now to launch an NFT associated project with its high-frequency and low transactions fee. Furthermore, we have also successfully partnered up with Polygon studios and we saw that the chain itself looks bright in the future!

Question 4: Can you share with us your tokenomics? Will there be a buyback system or token burning in the future?

Answer: You would be able to check our tokenomics here

It would really depend on the situation on actions such as buyback or more token burning in the future.

Question 5: Does SWP have any promotional activities? Like some campaigns?

Answer: Rather than say that SWP has any promotional activities, we are making a special promotion for the Phemex community. We will let the community know when it is done ????


Segment 3: Live Questions on Telegram


Question 1 from @Stones02: Will there be an SWP app for IOS users? When do we expect it?

Answer: We are currently on the final stage of launching our app. However, as in for the iOS version we are getting our final review for it. For the iOS version, we are expecting to have a smooth launch around next month.

Question 2 from @tEEMI_OM: Partnerships are crucial for making people trust and interested to join in your project or invest, so can you tell us what partners you have currently and future partnerships?

Answer: We have many backers and partners, the main point we can say about is that we are now backed by polygon and polygon studio officially. Backed By Polygon, Polygon Studios:

Question 3 from @Sambishnoii: How to get StepWatch NFT’s ?

Answer: We are going to open our NFT marketplace at 14th July, Anyone can participate our public sale, if you are lucky. And also we are planning distribution as airdrop some NFTs with Phemex marketing team.

Question 4 from @Cryptoearner5: Do you have an audit?

Answer: Audit is under progress !

Question 5 from @arjaylaigo1117: Is it free-to-play? Or do we need to buy some NFTs to play?

Answer: As mentioned above, our app could be played with free NFT making everyone play without buying an NFT. However, NFT that are bought could have a better gaming experience.

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