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“Race for Glory” giveaway! $5,000 USD Prize Pool!

Author: Jeffrey Craig Date: 2021-06-15 11:06:59

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Phemex welcomes you to our “Race for Glory” Twitter Giveaway! The goal is to have you share customized Phemex tweets to spread the word about our new products and offerings! The total prize pool is $5,000 USD!

How to Participate 

Users will be given 5 tweet options from Phemex that can be shared on your individual Twitter pages. The five options are:

  1. Welcome Bonus
  2. Earn Crypto
  3. PT Arena
  4. Phemex Trivia
  5. Learn & Earn

In short, what you have to do is this: post tweets that mention the Phemex official twitter account in the five above topics. So to join the #RaceForGlory giveaway please follow the link here. Once you’re at the Gleam page, complete the steps we have listed to proceed. Each time you complete a step, you will automatically receive an entry into this giveaway. The more steps you complete, the more entries you will get.

For your convenience, we’ve simplified and automated the participation process. It should only take you a few minutes to complete all of our steps for maximum entries. Some steps can be repeated every day, giving you more opportunities for additional entries. Once we conclude the event, winners will be chosen at random. Your odds of winning will depend on the total number of eligible entries you have completed. Participants cannot win more than one of the available prizes. Randomly selected winners must meet certain mandatory criteria. If a winner does not meet these requirements at the moment they are selected, their prize will be forfeited.


The mandatory requirements are:

  1. Must have a Phemex account
  2. Must provide Phemex UID
  3. Must follow our official twitter account (@Phemex_official)
  4. Must have retweeted our #RaceForGlory giveaway tweet
  5. Must tweet at least one of the customized tweets


  • 1st place prize: iRacing Starter Pack
  • 2nd place prize: Bugatti Chiron LEGO technic
  • 30 individuals chosen by Lucky Draw will win and receive Phemex PT Arena merchandise
  • 60 individuals chosen by Lucky Draw will win and receive a $50 trading bonus


6/15-6/29 : Campaign period

7/5 – 7/19 : 2 week response period

7/26 : Reward distribution

Delivery of Prizes

All winners will be contacted by an email. To ensure we can contact you in a timely manner, please make sure to check your mail regularly. We will ask you for your Phemex UID. Once we have the necessary information, we will proceed to distribute the prizes. We will provide you with a confirmation email once prizes have been distributed.

Terms and Conditions

  • To qualify for this event you must complete all actions on the link.
  • Users are only eligible to participate with a single account. If we detect multiple accounts with the same IP addresses or GUIDs, all offending accounts will be disqualified.
  • Users must ensure they have provided an accurate Phemex UID that is identical to their Gleam email to receive the rewards.

Team Phemex

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