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#PTArena Winners Results

Author: Nicolas Tang

Our Bitcoin trading competition #PTArena is now closed!

Thank you and well done to all those who entered, we hope you had fun trading in this competition.

There was an impressive 226562.7682 BTC traded in the PTArena, with an average of 95.31458485 BTC trading volume per participant.

We had a total of 2377 traders compete for the prize pool of 20 BTC.

We have calculated the top 10 winning teams as well as the top 10 individual traders.

The 1st place team is 盖世英雄( Gai Shi Ying Xiong ) with an ROI of 961.49%. Congratulations! 

You can see the full list of winning teams below:

pt arena winning teams

As for individual traders and their PNLs, the top 10 traders earned a collective 35.30749795 BTC during this competition.

The 1st place individual trader earned 9.76612814 BTC!

You can see the full list of winning individuals below :

pt areana top 10 individual traders

BTC awards will be distributed to all winning teams and individuals by Thursday, 11/12/2020.

If you missed out on the competition this time, make sure to create a Phemex account now, and start trading to be ready for next time. When you create a new account, you will get a 7-day free Premium Membership Trial and other trading bonuses.

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