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PT Arena 3: Compete for $750,000!

Author: Jeffrey Craig Date: 2021-06-02 07:49:58

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We have just launched the 3rd edition of our Phemex Trader’s Arena! Last time was a big success, so come back and join the battle again!

For those that don’t know, the Phemex Trader’s Arena (#PTArena) is a BTC/USD crypto contract trading competition that pits different teams of traders against each other as they compete for a maximum prize pool of $750,000 worth of Bitcoin.

The stakes are enormous, so start exercising your trading muscles today!

The competition trading rules are the same, but we updated the requirements and rewards. This time you must have a Phemex BTC Trading Account with an initial net value of 0.005 BTC at the time of registration. Additionally, we will be giving all participants who trade in the competition a $5 trading bonus.


June 7-June 20: Captain and Team Registrations

June 21 0:00 UTC-July 4 24:00 UTC: Competition

July 12: Award Distribution

Participants Prize Pool (USD)

The prize pool for PT Arena 3 depends on how many participants there are. The more participants, the bigger the prize pool! So captains and players, hurry up and get your teams assembled, buckled up, and ready to trade. $750,000 in BTC is waiting for you to claim.

ParticipantsPrize Pool (USD)

Team Size and Captain Rewards

For this edition of the Trader’s Arena we have a brand new reward for Team Captains. Any individual that can successfully form a team will receive a prize that varies based on team size.

Team MembersRewards for Captain

Competition Format

Traders with enough influence to attract a large team can apply to become Team Captains here. As of today (June 7th), all qualified traders can join the teams or captains of their choice.

A valid team must have at least 10 members. Any teams that do not meet this requirement by the time the competition begins will be disbanded. Members will then be randomly assigned to other qualified teams.

Team rankings will be based on the average Return on Investment (ROI) of each team’s top 10 traders. All participants will also be ranked and rewarded at an individual level. Unlike team rankings, individual scores will be based on Profits and Losses (PnL).

Information about how we will calculate the formulas for individual ROI and team ROI can be found on the competition page.

Award Breakdown

The final prize pool will be divided into two award categories: Team Awards and Individual Awards.

Team Awards amount to 78% of the final prize pool. The breakdown goes like this:

  • The 1st Place Team receives 25% of the total prize pool
  • The 2nd Place Team receives 15% of the total prize pool
  • The 3rd Place Team receives 8% of the total prize pool
  • The 4th-10th Place Teams receive an equal share of 30% of the total prize pool
    • Captains of a winning team will receive 40% of their respective team’s award
    • The top 10 team members of each winning team will share 30% of their team’s award equally. All other team members will share the remaining 30%
    • If a winning team has less than 20 members, the captain will receive 40% of the team’s award, while the other 60% will be divided equally among the rest of the team members. Accounts with transaction volumes below 500 USD during the competition period will not be eligible to receive any awards

Individual Awards amount to 22% of the final prize pool. The breakdown goes like this:

  • The 1st Place Individual receives 8% of the total prize pool
  • The 2nd Place Individual receives 5% of the total prize pool
  • The 3rd Place Individual receives 2% of the total prize pool
  • The 4th-10th Place Individual receive an equal share of 7% of the total prize pool

Additional Details

Users are only eligible to participate with a single account. Please make sure the email address you use to enter the event is connected to a valid Phemex UID.

A reminder to watch out for case sensitivity when providing your email address (it is case sensitive).

To view any other rules, prize breakdowns, and requirements for this competition, head to our landing page here.

Other Benefits

All successfully registered participants are invited to follow Phemex’s official Twitter. For the entire duration of the competition, Phemex will reward random followers with daily merchandise.

Good luck!

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