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Phemex X LOT 2nd Competition Winners!

Author: Phemex Official
Dear Traders,

The Phemex 2nd Trading Competition has concluded and we would like to take this chance to thank all of you who participated and also congratulate all the winners.

In this competition, 244 participants competed for 0.8BTC.

Rank and Prize
🥇1st: 0.28 BTC – Maximus 834.90%
🥈2nd: 0.2 BTC – Pleoxrp 681.29%
🥉3rd: 0.12 BTC – dujolijo 442.90%
🔹4th: 0.04 BTC – Bkanbour 322.71%
🔹5th: 0.04 BTC – pragati 252.35%
🔹6th: 0.024 BTC – olegik 172.13%
🔹7th: 0.024 BTC – NJ 170.51%
🔹8th: 0.024 BTC – (sin)future7 138.22%
🔹9th: 0.024 BTC – MarginCoBin 95.87%
🔹10th: 0.024 BTC – Jared G 64.81%

Congratulations to all of our winners!

The Prize including bonuses will be distributed by the 27th.

All prizes will be deposited into your Phemex account. One Phemex account will be chosen for the prize/bonus deposit if you have connected more than one Phemex account to the same League of Traders account.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this competition.

Team Phemex.

For any inquiries contact us at .
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