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Phemex x League of Traders The Second Competition

Author: admin Date: 2021-04-22 02:30:22

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The League of Traders (LoT) competition held in January 2021 concluded with much success.


Phemex has received incredible support from our participants, and we’re once again partnering with LoT for another competition! The prize pool will be as high as 4 BTC.


Registration Opens: 22nd April – 11th May 12pm (UTC+8)
Competition Begins: 27th April 12pm (UTC+8)
Competition Closes: 18th May 12pm (UTC+8)

Prize Pool

The final prize pool will depend on the total number of participants. The higher the number of participants, the higher the total prize pool, and the more prizes available. Please refer to the table below for a full breakdown.

Number of ParticipantsTotal Prize Pool (BTC)1st2nd3rd4th5th6th-10th (each person)

Additional Bonuses:

Early-bird registration bonus: Those who register between April 22 and April 27 will receive an early-bird registration bonus of $10.

Gleam Tasks: Visit our Gleam page and perform the tasks (Follow Phemex on Twitter & RT LoT Competition tweet) to receive a $5 bonus.

Volume Bonus (Only Taker)

◆If transaction volume reaches $500,000, 50 USD(T) will be awarded

◆If transaction volume reaches $3,000,000, 200 USD(T) will be awarded

◆If transaction volume reaches $10,000,000, 800 USD(T) will be awarded

Participation Requirements:

Minimum Balance in Phemex account: 0.02BTC (or equivalent value in any crypto)

How to join:

  • Download and Sign up on League of Traders.
  • Create an API key on Phemex and connect your account to League of Traders. (Guide) API creation is only possible through Phemex mobile and web (not the app).
  • After connecting and if you hold the required balance, your participation will be automatically confirmed within 5 min.
  • To verify if your participation is successful, find yourself in the League of Traders app Phemex – “Phemex 2nd League” Leaderboard.


  1. A minimum of 0.02 BTC or equivalent value in any crypto in your Phemex wallet is required to register for the competition.
  2. Once you have successfully registered to the competition but your balance drops below the minimum requirement before the competition starts on 27th of April 12PM (UTC+8), you will be unregistered from the competition until you reach the minimum requirement again.
  3. Winners need to have at least 0.02 BTC or equivalent in balance on their account by the end of the competition to be eligible for the prize.
  4. Participants may register from the 22nd of April and throughout the 11th of May 12 PM (UTC+8)
  5. All trades in Phemex during the competition time will count towards the competition trading volume.
  6. Winner selection is based on the highest individual PnL % (Profit %) by the end of the competition period.
    • PnL% =  ((Current Balance + Withdraw) – (Starting balance + Deposit)) * 100 / (Starting balance + Deposit)
    • Any bonus received during the competition will be considered as a deposit.
    • You may withdraw and deposit whenever you want, but your profit rate will be affected.
    • All calculations will be made according to League of Trader’s PnL
  7. You cannot delete the API key that is being used to calculate the profit during the competition. (You could be deleted from competition.)
  8. If you change your nickname during the competition period, you may not be eligible for prize money and bonus payments.
  9. Prizes and bonuses will be awarded within 7 days after the closing of the competition on the 18th of May 12PM (UTC+8). All the prizes will be distributed to the participant’s Phemex account.
  10. Each participant is only eligible to receive 1 prize. Prizes cannot be duplicated.
  11. League of Traders reserves the right to ask for KYC to the winners to confirm that there are no duplication winners.


  • Users should trade cryptocurrency at their own risk.
  • League of Traders does not provide investment advice.
  • League of Traders does not have custody over users’ assets nor executing trades for the users.
  • League of Traders is not providing the trading or selling of cryptocurrency products on Phemex.
  • League of Traders reserves the right to modify the terms of this competition without notifying users in advance.
  • League of Traders reserves the right of final interpretation of this event. Any judgments made by League of Traders are final, do not need any justification, and cannot be disputed.
  • Any behavior that League of Traders suspects to be similar to wash trading or other potentially manipulative activities can be grounds for disqualification from the competition and any prizes.
  • Phemex is not responsible for any calculations of PNL or the winners.
  • Phemex holds no responsibility over the rules or terms of this competition.
  • Phemex is not managing or involved in the operation of this competition.

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