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Phemex Web 3.0 & xPT Pre-Mining is now Open to All!

Author: Alan W. Date: 2023-07-06 06:53:36

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Dear Users,

As of July 6, 2023 the extravagant Web 3.0 world of Phemexia is open to every user. Everyone now has the opportunity to mint their own unique Phemex Soul Pass (no whitelist required!) and enjoy the right to participate in the xPT Pre-mining event for early access to our upcoming Phemex Token.

The only requirement to minting the Phemex Soul Pass is to have a last 30-day trading volume of at least $100,000 (contract + spot). This means that when minting opens on July 6, if you already traded $100,000 volume in the previous 30 days from July 6, then you’ll be able to mint right away! Otherwise, PSP minting privileges will be open to you on whichever day(s) you achieve a last 30-day volume of $100,000. Keep in mind the system may need a few minutes to update data. Once you mint your PSP, you’ll instantly receive a 100 xPT reward.

xPT Pre-Mining

Currently the greatest benefit to minting a Phemex Soul Pass is that you’re instantly and automatically entered into the xPT Pre-Mining event. Based on your Phemex trading activity of USDT-, BTC-, and ETH-margined contracts you’ll receive free xPT airdrops in return. xPT can eventually be converted on a 1:1 basis into on-chain Phemex Tokens once our platform token launches later this year. So via pre-mining, you’re essentially earning free Phemex Tokens just for trading contracts! Feel free to also use our newly launched Futures Grid Trading Bots, which can be used to automate your profits and the volumes generated from grid bots count toward pre-mining airdrops.

xPT Pre-mining is split into 5 stages, each with an available pool of 20 million xPT to be airdropped, for a total of 100 million xPT prize pool in all. Currently, the event is still in its 1st stage where the xPT reward rates are highest, and this rate will decrease with each subsequent stage. This means the earlier you join, the more lucrative prize rates you get!

Right now, you’ll receive roughly 10.24 xPT for every $10,000 in effective contract trading volume for pre-mining, but you can check out the event page for more specific details. This airdrop rate will only decrease as time goes on, so make sure you mint your PSP as soon as possible and join the pre-mining event quickly! More rules, including rules on how you can gain an extra boost on xPT rewards, can be found on the xPT Pre-mining page itself as well as on our project whitepaper.

Phemex Web 3.0 is opening to everyone and while xPT Pre-Mining is ongoing, Phemex will be the most rewarding exchange to trade on because you’ll get free xPT airdrops for every relevant trade you execute!

Phemex Team

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