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Phemex Upgrades Crypto Tax Reporting

Author: Alan W. Date: 2023-03-31 02:56:54

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Dear Users,

It’s tax season once again and some of you may be intimidated by the process. Worry not, Phemex is here to make everything easier. Just like in years past we’ve partnered with CoinTracking and Koinly to streamline the tax reporting process for you. This time, we’ve even launched a dedicated new page for you to complete necessary actions even more quickly.

Visit and if you use CoinTracking, the process is more convenient than previous years because it’s a 2-click process. Simply generate all the transaction data you need from both main and sub-accounts with 1-click download, then upload the CSV file to CoinTracking.

Furthermore, currently CoinTracking is offering Phemex users a 10% discount on their tax reporting services! As the leading crypto portfolio and tax software with over 1.3 million customers, CoinTracking is highly experienced in supporting exchange users. Have them streamline the complex crypto tax process for you and you get a 10% discount as Phemex customer. Note that for CoinTracking, the free plan covers up to 200 transactions and any higher transaction number would require a paid plan.

Phemex Team

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