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Phemex Testnet Launch

Author: Nicolas Tang
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We are excited to announce our official Phemex Testnet! Our crypto simulation trading software is open to everyone who wishes to try out our unique user-friendly platform, discover our innovative features and join us as we build the world’s most trustworthy crypto trading platform.

In this post, we will cover what is the purpose of Phemex public testnet and introduce a special giveaway.

What is Phemex public testnet?

While we work hard to perfect our mainnet, we are introducing a testing playground for our traders, developers and future clients to experiment without any risks. The Public Testnet enables users to get familiar with the platform environment, try different trading scenarios and explore the many possibilities offered by Phemex.

Phemex testnet users will be able to:

Phemex testnet
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  • Try our features and order types
  • Get familiar with our user-friendly layout
  • Experiment unusual trading strategies with their 0.5 BTC test funds
  • Try out launching mode to avoid any difficulties during the mainnet stage
  • View how networks interact in general and see what the block storing process looks like
  • Share feedback in order to improve the user experience in the mainnet
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Giveaway surprise

Phemex prepared for this special occasion a giveaway surprise. Check our Twitter account, follow all the steps and you can be one of the winners of our special giveaway. The Lucky Draw will start today (14 of November) at 12:00 (UTC), three winners will be announced each day during the public test, and the winners will receive their bonus within a week after Phemex’s official launch.

What comes after the testnet?

For us, the testnet is an essential stage before the mainnet launch, it allows us to improve the software and reduce risks and unexpected errors for our users. While we work hard to perfect our product, please be patient and ready for software updates. For any bugs or error, you might find contact us directly on Telegram or at our support email at

After analyzing the testnet results, we will focus on your feedback and requests to improve our service and meet our customer’s needs.

‍For any feedback and ideas, share your insights on our Telegram group.

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