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Phemex Lists ApeCoin (APE) on Spot Market

Author: Alan W. Date: 2022-03-20 02:45:03

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Dear Phemexers,

ApeCoin (APE) is now available on Phemex! ?We are pleased to announce that ApeCoin (APE) has been added to the Spot Listings as of 2022-03-20 03:00 AM (UTC). Users can spot trade APE against USDT.

Also, we’ve made it possible for all users to easily buy APE through our MoonPay gateway. You can simply go to our Buy Crypto page and select the APE, then enter the amount and click Buy.

About ApeCoin (APE): 

ApeCoin is an ERC-20 governance and utility token used to empower a decentralized community building at the forefront of web3. APE will serve as a decentralized protocol layer for community-led initiatives that drive culture forward into the metaverse.

APE Token Spot Address:

ApeCoin (APE) Website: 


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