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Phemex Guardians: Applications Open Now For New Recruits

Author: Lunevail Date: 2022-07-12 04:25:57

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The search for Phemex Guardians continues! The last time around, we received amazing responses from our communities and decided to grow it even further. If you are a trader, a supporter or even a cryptocurrency enthusiast, we would like to invite you to become a Phemex Guardian. We are enlisting volunteers to become our Phemex Guardians which come with a list of attractive benefits that are exclusively available only to you.

What Does A Phemex Guardian Do?

  • Invite new users to use the platform
  • Help teach new users how to use the platform
  • Participate actively in Phemex’s community groups and social media channels
  • Respond to users’ questions, support inquiries, and comments
  • Assist in organizing both online and offline events as well as meet-ups
  • Help Phemex maintain and moderate online and offline communities
  • Provide Phemex with market feedback and suggestions
  • Promote Phemex on all social media platforms
  • Look for KOLs, influencers, and community leaders to cooperate with Phemex
  • Attend as a guest for special AMA and Q&A sessions
  • Conduct trading tutorials via livestream for users

By being a Phemex Guardian, you will take new users by the hand and introduce them to the wonderful world of crypto in Phemex. Much like an elder wizard giving wisdom and knowledge to beginners, the Phemex Guardians will serve as a respected, educated higher up.

What Benefits Does A Phemex Guardian Get?

  • Get invited to ALL of Phemex’s events as a privileged guest or organizer
  • Special perks and limited edition Guardian swag made only for Phemex Guardians
  • Get Phemex Premium subscription, special trading bonuses, and USDT rewards
  • Get special cryptocurrency and blockchain training from the Phemex products team
  • Be invited to exclusive Phemex Guardian meet-ups with only Phemex Guardians and senior Phemex team members
  • Get special access to members of the Phemex team
  • Feedback and suggestions about Phemex will be considered a high priority

That’s right, Phemex Guardians get all sorts of fancy perks and upgrades from us! These benefits are must-haves for any fans of crypto and trading, where you constantly are getting first dibs for exclusive events and newest additions to Phemex.

How Are Phemex Guardians Graded For Their Performance?

  • Each Guardian will need to record each and every work done from contributing to the community discussions, social media promotions, content creations, etc. There are no specific tasks and amount of work needed. The more work you do, the more chances of getting rewards!
  • Each Guardian will need to submit a report of the work done within the month in a Google Doc on or before the 10th of the succeeding month.
  • A Guardian can earn a maximum of $400 trading bonus depending on the evaluation. With consistently outstanding performance for at least 3 months, a guardian will be eligible for USDT rewards up to $500.
  • Consistent performers and those who bring a significant impact will be entitled to more rewards and promotions to become paid marketers or community managers.

What Are Grounds For A Phemex Guardian’s Termination?

  • Smears or slanders Phemex, or performs any actions that damage the Phemex brand
  • Make any form of publicity in Phemex’s name
  • Discloses any private internal messages or information, such as chat screenshots
  • Commit fraud in Phemex’s name (in this case, the perpetrator will be dealt with by the police).

With that, we really hope to see you as a Phemex Guardian! It’s time to step up for your community and earn rewards in exchange for your wisdom and time.

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