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Phemex Crypto Talk Episode 1 Recap

Author: Nicolas Tang Date: 2020-08-04 09:31:34

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Dear Traders,

Our first ever episode of the Phemex Crypto Talk livestream was a great success. We must give a big special thanks to everyone that tuned in and to the topnotch traders that made it possible:

@scottmelker (Scott)
@KoroushAK (Koroush)

These four traders gave their insights and advice on how to be a successful crypto trader. For your convenience, we’ve timestamped and listed all the major points made by each trader. You can also watch the full video below.

Panel Introductions
Ryan – Having an axiomatic approach
Koroush – Having a good plan
Scott – Not getting lost with too many strategies
Koroush – Having a mathematical foundation
Josh -Knowledge and experience
Ryan – Managing screen, chart, and learning time
Koroush – 4 elements to start with (1-3)
Scott – Time management
Koroush – 4 elements to start with (4)
Josh – Taking a break
Koroush – Sleep is essential
Ryan – Having a balanced life
Scott – Risk management
Josh – Trading one major coin
Chat Questions
Meme Contest
Top Questions
Random Questions

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