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Phemex Crypto Talk Episode 3 Recap

Author: Phemex Official

Dear Traders,

The third episode of the Phemex Crypto Talk livestream is out. Special thanks to everyone that tuned in and to the participants that made it possible:

@FeraSY1 (Feras)
@KoroushAK (Koroush)

For this episode we included current Phemex Trader’s Arena Captains. They discuss and share strategies to help you succeed in our exciting competition. For your convenience, we’ve timestamped and listed all the major sections of the livestream. You can also watch the full video below.

Phemex Trader’s Arena

Guest Introductions

Competition Trading VS Normal Trading

Why Avoid Swing Trading?

Trading as a Team

Other Strategies and Advice

Emotional Challenges

Final Stages

Viewer Questions

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