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Play The Phemex Rocket Launch Game To Celebrate 1 Year of Phemex

Author: Nicolas Tang Date: 2020-11-25 12:56:55

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Dear traders,

Today we celebrate 1 year since the launch of our mainet and crypto platform! This is an incredible milestone that we could not have reached without your help and support. To show our appreciation, we have a fun and unique surprise prepared for you.


The Phemex Rocket Launch Game

We’ve custom-built a space flight game that incorporates multiple trading-inspired elements. The goal is for you to help get the Phemex Rocket to the moon. The game and its prizes will be available from November 25th to December 2nd.


  • You will pilot the ship as it traverses up towards the moon.
  • Along the way, you will encounter coins and planets that you can collect for points and obstacles that you must avoid as these take away points.
  • Another element is that of leverage. Leverage tokens will double the amount of points earned or taken away.
  • The standard duration of this journey from base to moon lasts 20 minutes but can be completed much faster with more leverage tokens. Besides functioning as point multipliers, leverage tokens will also increase the speed of your rocket by a ratio corresponding to the multiplier collected. Please note that although this may get you to the moon faster, it may also make it more challenging to collect coins or avoid obstacles.
  • The ultimate goal is to reach the moon with the highest score (balance) possible. If your balance ever reaches 0, you will be liquidated, your score will be reset, and you will have to start over.


    • In order to receive any trading bonuses and/or prizes, you will need to enter your name and email to be placed on our leaderboard and see how you rank against others.
  • The top 20 players will share a $500 trading bonus prize pool every day!
    • 1st place: $100
    • 2nd place: $75
    • 3rd place: $50
    • 4th – 10th places: $25
    • 11th – 20th places: $10
  • Anyone that shares their score on Twitter with the #PhemexRocketLaunch will be automatically eligible to receive amazing giveaways. We will be gifting Phemex Merch3x AirPods Pro, 2x iPhone 12, and a MacBook Pro 13 inch.

*Please note: anyone that places at more than one place in the top 20 will only be awarded the prize for the highest score.*

Thank you again for all your support and we hope you have a safe journey to the moon! Celebrate with us by collecting as many points as you can and winning some stellar prizes.

For any inquiries contact us at
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