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Notice Regarding Welcome Bonus

Author: Alan W. Date: 2022-06-20 10:15:38

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Dear Phemex users,

In line with our user-centric philosophy, Phemex is committed to providing you all with better products and services. Starting from June 21, we will be making upgrades to the Welcome Bonus program. Following the upgrade, the Deposit Bonus and Social Media Bonus part of Welcome Bonus will remain as bonuses for users in selected countries for a limited time. All other benefits will be adjusted to Spot Cashback Vouchers. For details, please refer to the following information:

  1. Spot Cashback Voucher is a cash voucher issued to users through operational activities. It is valid and active immediately after issuance, so there is no need to manually collect and activate it. When users pay transaction fees during the spot trading process, valid vouchers can be used to get cashback on part or all of the transaction fee amount (effectively getting a discount on the fee).
  2. When the user only has one Spot Cashback Voucher and if the transaction fee amount of the eligible spot order is greater than or equal to the face value of the Spot Cashback Voucher, the user will only receive cashback reflecting the face value of the Spot Cashback Voucher. If the eligible spot order handling fee amount is less than the face value of Spot Cashback Voucher, the user can receive cashback equal to the spot order transaction fee amount, and the Spot Cashback Voucher’s remaining balance can be used for a subsequent transaction until the voucher expires or the remaining balance is used up.
  3. When there are multiple Spot Cashback Vouchers in a user’s account, usage will be made according to the date of voucher issuance (Spot Cashback Voucher with an earlier issuance date will be used first). In addition, multiple Spot Cashback Vouchers can be stacked on a qualifying spot transaction order to get rebate on the spot handling fee.
  4. When both the Spot Cashback Voucher and the Spot Cashback Card exist in the user’s account, the two benefits can be used together, however the Spot Cashback Voucher will be prioritized first. The difference between a Spot Cashback Voucher and Spot Cashback Card is that the voucher gives a set amount of cashback, whereas the card gives a percentage cash back on fees.
  5. Each Spot Cashback Voucher has a corresponding validity period. Users can refer to the text description on the Spot Cashback Voucher for the expiration date. After the Spot Cashback Voucher expires, the user will not be able to apply for or use the voucher’s remaining balance in any way.
  6. For users who participated in the Welcome Bonus event before this upgrade and have already received bonuses, they cannot participate for a second time to receive Spot Cashback Vouchers. Unused trading bonuses earned by users as part of Welcome Bonus prior to this upgrade will still function as normal.
  7. These adjustments to Welcome Bonus are currently active in select countries, with more to be added in the future.

In the future, we will further develop our user benefits and provide you with more high-quality services. Thank you for your constant support and attention!

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