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New Terms for VIP Users

Author: Lunevail Date: 2022-07-01 10:12:49

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Dear Users,

In order to better serve our VIP users and encourage greater market growth and activity, Phemex will adjust our terms and rules regarding VIPs in the following ways:

1. VIP user’s daily transaction volume will be combined across main account and sub-accounts.

2. Main and sub-accounts share the same VIP Level each day.

3. User’s VIP Level for current day depends on that user’s total trading volume over the previous 30 days.

4. Rewards for Market Making:To encourage VIPs to provide liquidity, when maker activity ratio of past 30-day trading volume meets requirements, VIP Level will get automatically upgraded.


The table below can be used as reference regarding points 3 and 4 above:


VIP LevelMaker




Total Trade Volume in the past 30 days


VIP2-2.57>=15,000,000 or >=5,000,000 + Maker activity>=65%
VIP3-2.56.75>=100,000,000 or >=15,000,000 + Maker activity>=65%
VIP4-2.56.5>=300,000,000 or >=100,000,000 + Maker activity>=65%
VIP5-2.56.25>=750,000,000 or >=300,000,000 + Maker activity>=65%
VIP6-2.56>=1,500,000,000 or >=750,000,000 + Maker activity>=70%
VIP7-2.55.75>=1,500,000,000 + Maker activity>=70%


If you have any questions regarding these new terms for VIP users, please contact customer service or your VIP account manager. Thank you for your time!

For any inquiries contact us at
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