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New Contract Listings - ZK, POPCAT & PUNDU

Author: Silvia Date: 2024-04-02 08:18:19

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Dear Users,

At 10:00 UTC on April 2, 2024 Phemex will be listing the new contract trading pairs ZKUSDT, POPCATUSDT and PUNDUUSDT. These contract pairs are linear USDT-margined and support hedge mode, which allow you to keep both a long and short position at the same time.

ZK – Goal3 is more than just a betting platform - it's a revolutionary experience that combines the power of blockchain technology with the speed and efficiency of the zkSync Era Ethereum layer 2. Learn more at

POPCAT – Pop Cat refers to a series of videos in which using an image of a cat named Oatmeal, the cat is photoshopped as if it's opening its mouth wide in an O shape. Learn more at

PUNDU – Pundu is backed by DAO-maker and smart enough not to burn presale supply.

Happy Trading

The Phemex Team

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