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Monkey or Money? Choose APE or USDT Airdrop!

Author: Alan W. Date: 2022-03-22 08:59:19

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Hello Phemex Users,

We are excited to announce that buying APE on our Moonpay payment gateway is now available. To celebrate this, we’re hosting a special one-week event in which all Phemex users are able to buy crypto through Moonpay with 0 fees!

But there’s more! During this week from 0:00 UTC on March 22 to March 29, you also have the chance to win from a $13,500 prize pool airdrop. The airdrop is limited to 2000 users on a first-come, first-serve basis. You can check your current eligibility through this form.

How it works:

  1. Sign up by submitting your UID here
  2. Choose APE or USDT Airdrop
  3. Deposit APE or Buy Crypto through Moonpay
  4. Wait for your Airdrop to arrive on March 31st

Prize Pool:

What You Get:

  • $5 worth of APE if you choose APE airdrop, all you need to do is to deposit at least $50 worth of APE. We won’t limit your deposit method, so you can both deposit directly or buy through Moonpay


  • 5 USDT if you choose USDT airdrop, all you need to do is to buy at least $50 worth of any coin through Moonpay.

Extra Rewards:

  • Early Bird – The first 50 eligible users who complete the deposit will get an extra $10 in APE or USDT based on your choice;
  • Lucky Draw – 50 eligible users who complete the deposit will be randomly selected to receive an extra $10 in APE or USDT;
  • Big Boss – The top 50 eligible users who record the largest deposit amount during the campaign period will receive $50 in APE or USDT.


  1. Campaign Period: March 22nd at 0:00 AM UTC time ~ March 29th, 0:00 AM UTC time;
  2. Airdrop Distribution: March 31, 2022

Terms and Conditions

  1. When you choose USDT Airdrop, only crypto bought through Moonpay will be counted
  2. Users must fill out the form to receive rewards.
  3. These rewards are not available to users in the following regions/countries: India, Venezuela, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Philippines, Pakistan.
  4. Users are only eligible to participate with a single account. If we detect multiple accounts with the same IP addresses or UIDs, all offending accounts will be disqualified.
  5. The following actions will result in immediate disqualification: batch account registration, profits from market manipulation, self-dealing, or wash trades.
  6. Only main accounts are allowed in this competition, sub-accounts will not be counted.
  7. Phemex reserves the right to make any final and binding amendments to these rules.

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